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Here Are Some Fun Facts About Fruits and Vegetables

Bell Peppers are Not Vegetables, but Fruits

Surprised? According to scientists, fruit has been defined as the part of a plant’s body that develops from a flower and bears seeds.

So technically it means that bell peppers along with the cucumbers, squash, and pumpkins are to be considered as fruits. It’s purely up to you whether or not to include any of those fruits into your next fruit salads.

Bananas are Berries

A true berry is a fruit that grows from a single ovary and a  single flower. The ovary is the female reproductive part of the flower. That means kiwis, grapes, and even bananas belong to berries family.So next time when you peel off the banana’s think about it.

Tomatoes Are Fruits and Veggies

Tomatoes are fruits. However, by law, they are categorized under vegetables. Here is the juicy history of tomato: In the 1800’s, New York’s port used to tax veggies, but not the fruits. There was an importer who wanted to cut the costs, so he went to the court, saying that his tomatoes were fruits, not a veggie. The trial went all the way to the Supreme Court, which finally ruled that, in “common language,” the produce that is served with meats and fish are vegetables. So, the man had to pay the tax on tomato.

Kiwis Beat Oranges in Vitamin C

Kiwis are the biggest nutritional pack that has potential to aside all your other fruits present on the table. They are twice as rich in vitamin C as of an orange, and they are also high in potassium, low in salt as compared to bananas. They are also enriched with other minerals, vitamins, and heart-healthy nutrients.

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