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Samuel L. Jackson is a Vegan and He’s Not Ashamed to Admit it

Samuel L. Jackson, the iconic Hollywood actor, has been expressing his preference for vegan eating since August, 2018, due to some remarkable results reaped after banishing all animal and animal-based foods from his plate. Ever since he announced going Vegan when he spoke to David Letterman on his show, Jackson is being totally candid about his amazing weight loss and his aim to live forever, and he is of the opinion that a plant-based vegan diet will help.

Why ditch meat, eggs and dairy? Jackson mentioned reading Dr. Esselstyne’s book, “Prevent & Reverse Heart Disease”, which was a source of great inspiration. He then visited Dr. Esselstyn’s residence and had discussions with him and his wife Ann. He mentioned that his closeness with the Esselstyns and their direct influence helped in making this overdue wellness shift. But he added nonchalantly that he has a desire to live forever

What does the 70-year-old eat now? Loads of leaves, beans, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, and quinoa, he reeled off without any hesitation. And now we’re hungry! With great changes there have to be growing pains. Ingrained tastes nurtured over ages, don’t evaporate overnight. Jackson confessed he misses hamburgers. Maybe he is yet to taste the delights of mock meats! Despite some cravings for fast food fixes, Jackson is keen to maintain his cruelty-free diet, as he felt that he could continue it for at least some time.

Beyond immortality, what kept this celeb from faltering? Jackson reasoned that he had more energy than before and slept better. He liked the way he looked in his clothes, did not cramp up as much, besides exercising better. He feels that his blood circulation has also improved. Wow! If this long list of lifestyle improvements does not convince all carnivores to join Jackson, Jason Mraz, James Cameron, Bill Clinton, Al Gore and millions more, to adopt this plant-eating diet, we do not know what ever will.

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