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4 Simple & Efficient Tips to Keep Your Skin Glowing This Winter

If you are someone who has a proper skincare routine, you must be bothered by dry skin in winter. Do you feel like “Nah! My skin is not glowing anymore?” Well, it is quite common.  Winter messes up with the skin. Freezing cold air, snow, and the unending rain make your skin dull and raw. Your skin gets dry and red.

Fortunately, there is a way out. We have gathered 4 simple, yet efficient, tips that will help you keep your skin glowing this winter. Read on for these 5 simple tips and make your skin glow like never before.

  • Frequently Wash Your Face With “Warm” Water

    Vitoria / Pexels / Dermatologists recommend frequently washing your face during winter – to keep your face glowing.

Let’s be honest. We do not wash our faces enough during winter when it is freezing cold outside. Frequently washing your face can keep dry skin at bay, says top dermatologist Dr. Gene Rubinstein. 

However, Dr. Gene recommends keeping the water temperature lower. Part of the reason is that hot water makes the skin drier instead of making it shiny. Ultimately, your skin withers. Likewise, lower temperature water is also recommended for baths and showers. Unlike hot water, a lower temperature of warm water makes the skin glow. 

A simple way to measure if the water is too hot for your skin could be to notice if it is making your skin turn red. If it does, the water is too hot and may cause eczema. Eczema is a condition where your skin becomes raw, itchy, and inflamed. 

  • Keep The Temperature of Your Room Normal and Comfortable 

    MW Studios / Pexels / A normal temperature of your room will help you keep your skin shining and your face glowy during winter.

Do you rush towards a roaring fire as you get back home on a windy day like me? Well, this wreaks havoc on your face – and skin overall. Top dermatologist Naissan O. Wesley suggests not to expose your skin to a hot temperature after getting back home on a freezing cold day. 

Naissan argues that the hot temperature makes the air inside your house drier. As your skin is exposed to this raw air, it turns red and unmoisturized. A simple way to prevent your skin from being dry and dull is to keep the temperature of your room normal and comfortable.

  • Opt For Fragrance-free and Gentle Body Wash

Castorly / Pexels / Top Dermatologist Dr. Gene suggests using fragrance-free body wash to avoid dry and raw skin during winter.

During the winter season, fragrance-free and gentle body wash are inevitable to keep your skin glowing. Dr. Gene suggests that bar soaps worsen the condition of sensitive skin during winter. “It drenches away the oil and moisture,” he emphasizes. 

The best way out is to look for body washes and moisturizers that have less fragrance, are unscented, and are labeled as “For Sensitive Skin.” 

  • Stay Hydrated & Eat Right 

Hydration is underrated. Most people do not drink enough water – especially in winter. “If I had one simple piece of advice for skin-conscious people, it would be drinking enough water,” says Dr. Gene. Drinking water and other fluids during winter prevent the skin from being dry as it acts as a natural moisturizer. 

Likewise, the food you consume directly impacts your skin. Eating fresh fruits and hygienic food makes your face shiny and glowing. Junk foods and a bad diet routine, on the other hand, damage your skin. Scars and raw skin are the byproducts of bad diet routines. 

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