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Kevin Hart’s Daily Mental Health Mantra is the Reason Why We Love This Man

Like all mortals Kevin Hart does not always wake up feeling great every single day, with a smile plastered on his face. On even a not-so-great day, the phrase which motivates him daily is that mental health is as significant as physical health, for every day he wakes up is a brand new day. He loves that saying, as even if he was bad yesterday, that didn’t mean that it had to be sucky the next day. One can always get better and always start with a new journey.

Hart launched a new show on YouTube some time back called “What the Fit”, showing his commitment to physical fitness. A morning person, he is up latest by 5:30 a.m., but only after slamming the snooze button a couple of times, having set his alarms 3 minutes apart. His daily breakfast is turkey bacon and egg whites, but if working, just coffee due to long hours sometimes. He tries not over do the coffee bit, preferring it black. Else, it’s tea, which is better for his voice.

Hart exercises early morning, and his mantra and go-to move everyday is just getting up. Motivation is the toughest part of exercise, he admits. The Night School star stays in shape by visiting the gym along with Eniko Parrish, his wife. Hart also recently shared his many daily activity-inspired workout videos featuring celebs on his YouTube channel, to inspire everyone to get up and move.

Mental health is the buzz word in the celebrity world, with everyone from Kanye West to Dwayne Johnson opening up about personal struggles. While Kevin has never admitted dealing with any mental health issues, his advice involves beginning each day afresh, focusing on the days to come, instead of concentrating on what went down in the past, and this applies to us all. While it is corny starting every day by saying a mantra, plenty of studies confirm that optimism induces physical and mental well-being. Basically, you too can actually think up a better headspace and start every morning rearing to go!

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