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Will Meghan Miss Doing These Things Now That She’s Royalty?

When some women think of the life story of Meghan Markle to date, it’s easy to envy her and wish for the same thing to happen to them as well.  When they start to scour the world for the most eligible bachelors who just happen to be royalty, they’d end up disappointed as there aren’t that many of them around.  But before you go around wishing you have the life that Meghan has now, who by the way should now be referred to as Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, you have to know that gaining the title she now has, also entails not being able to do some things she’s been used to doing.  Here are the things that the new duchess is no longer allowed to do since becoming a royal.

She Cannot Go Out in Public Alone

If Meghan used to enjoy some alone time outside either shopping or just spending a day in a café, sipping coffee, this will never happen again.  Have you ever seen a member of the royal family outside alone? Chances are that you haven’t. Meghan will now always be accompanied by royal security or bodyguards, even when abroad or on their honeymoon!

She Can No Longer Sign Autographs

She used to be an actress, so Meghan loved signing autographs for fans.  However, since she has become member of the British royal family, the former actress can no longer give out or sign autographs.  This action is forbidden for royal family members due to the fear that one of their signatures can be forged and misused to hurt the royal family.  For fans who have previously gotten Meghan’s signature, like the little girl Caitlin from Cardiff Castle to whom the duchess wrote a cute note in January of this year, better keeps those ones safe, they might become a collector’s item in the future.

She Cannot Take Selfies Anymore

If you have been following Meghan on social media before, you know she takes selfies, lots of them.  Right now, though, she can no longer do such a thing (in private perhaps she can?).  Even before getting married in May of 2018, Meghan had been briefed about this protocol.  She told a fan who asked for a selfie of them together that she’s not allowed to do that anymore.  Might as well, as the head of the British royal family, Queen Elizabeth II, is reportedly not a fan of the specific way of taking one’s own photograph.  Well, for someone who’s been photographed multitudes of times, she knows what a great shot of her looks like, right?

She Can No Longer Use Social Media

Goodbye Twitter and Instagram, the new duchess, who has been active on both before becoming getting engaged to Prince Harry, can no longer use social media.   We know that some of you right now are thinking, ‘If you can’t take selfies anymore, what’s the sense of using social media?’  For updates of what’s happening to the members of the royal family – such as royal engagements or events and special announcements, these will all be done by a representative of the royal family handling the social media account @KensingtonRoyal.  If you have been following the said handle account on social media, you may have seen the updates they provided during the royal wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan.

Go Out in Public Without Stockings

Queen Elizabeth has been actually lenient from the past few years, probably bending along with the changing times.  But there is one rule she’s said to be really unwavering about, and that’s the wearing of nude stockings for female members of the royal family whenever they go out in public.  Some people were shocked when Meghan stepped out ‘stocking less’ during the public announcement of her royal engagement to Prince Harry.  She continued to break this protocol, which probably was allowed since she was technically not a member of the royal family yet.  This was made true when the new duchess stepped out with her husband for her first royal engagement 3 days after the royal wedding, with not just stockings, but a neat hairdo as well (no wisps of her hair falling this time).

Have Her Hands Kissed by a Non-Royal

Members of the royal family’s hands cannot be kissed by non-royals.  This can only happen when there are dignitaries during state visits.  However, how can you stop some people from doing this action when they want to show their love to the new members of the royal family?  Definitely not Meghan and Kate – not to mention the late Princess Diana.

Hug a Non-Royal

If their hands cannot be kissed by a non-royal, they can definitely not be hugged by non-royals.  However, this is one tradition or rule that Meghan reportedly admitted she’s always bound to break.  She said she will always hug because she’s an American.

Do Certain Things Before The Queen

One of the rules that Meghan should always remember is that she can never do things first before the queen, such as walk ahead of her, sit in-front of her, and sleep before her (in case she’s staying in the same place as the queen).  The rule is different with stepping in the car, an experience Meghan learned during her first engagement out with the queen.  Who can blame the duchess if she’s been told to always let the queen be ahead of her, always?  The rule is different when getting in the car; everyone else needs to get in before the queen.

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