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No, Chrissy Teigen is Not on a Keto Diet, But She LOVES this Keto Snack

Chrissy Teigen has a successful career, as a teenager model and then as a star. She’s very influential on social media, with millions of followers avidly watching her every move and has frequently voiced opinions on social and political issues. Chrissy may be many things, like being super-opinionated, but she is definitely not on any keto diet. It is entirely possible that she would drag anyone on Twitter if they ever claimed that she was, hence this disclaimer.

But when she posted her new favorite snack on Twitter which has absolutely no carbs, people went nuts because it is 100% keto-friendly. Chrissy recently posted a picture of ‘Pork Cloud Fried Pork Rinds’ in the lip-smacking Habanero Pepper flavor on Twitter, asking fans if they were ready for yet another one of her snack alerts before they tell her how gross she was, because they had never tried pork rinds. She prefers to dip them into some Thai nam prik, a spicy shrimp paste and she claims that it’s an absolute delight.

Chrissy then classified the snacks as “bonkers” and she could not just resist eating these, specially since there were NO CARBS in it. A follower then suggested that Chrissy enhance the flavor of these pork rinds by dipping them in pimento cheese, (also zero carbs), which she agreed to do as soon as possible. So, Chrissy adores pork rinds and we really can’t blame her for it.

The snacks have four distinct flavors: Rosemary & Sea Salt, Habanero Pepper, Malabar Black Pepper and Garlic Thyme. Even better is the fact that these can be purchased on Amazon in 100-calorie portioned bags or as full-sized bags. Here is the nutrition information break-down for these crispy treats: Per serving: 225 mg sodium, 80 calories, 5 g fat (of which 1.5g is saturated), 9 g protein and 0 g each of carbs, fiber or sugar. The moral of this story is that Chrissy Teigen loves herself some keto-friendly, no-carb pork rinds and this fact alone just makes her 1,000 times more adorable than ever.

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