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This Fall’s Hottest Interior Design Trends You Should Follow

Changing weather scenarios reveal fall design projects, renovations and redecorations being readied for another stylish season.  The subtle fashion trends in the world of interior design for fall 2018 from curved sofas to black neutrals in the kitchen, signalling a rising global nomadic style, all need our attention. Here are a few trends which will serve you well for this fall as well as the next seasons to come.


Many existing design dilemmas are solved by curved sofas as you avoid seeing the flat ugly back of sofas. Now, all seated on the sofa can converse with each other instead of seeing each other’s side profiles! The organic curved sofa blends harmony and order in the room instead of a flat sofa. The Victorian era designed beautiful curved sofas in drawing rooms were a great addition when women’s dresses were clumsy and cumbersome, to add comfort to conversations. The design of curved sofas for the social gathering room with bar cabinets on each side of a fireplace going, invites intimacy and you never want to leave. 


People often are comforted if surrounded by neutrals. Layering in texture and colors found in nature, metal finishes and simple shapes elevate a regular neutral palette to establish more modern and neutral spaces


A vintage house only needs marble to restore itself back to it’s original charm. Classic, timeless materials like a Carrara marble coffee table or kitchen tops are always client favorites. Marble provides a refreshing visual balance to the warm wood tones of custom-built bookshelves too, and thoroughly compliment honeyed leather ottomans or rich olive green velvet sofas.


Autumn in Chicago, invites enveloping of spaces. Darker toned jewel color blocking unifies any bedroom or living room vignette and imparts a sense of comfort and warmth. The inky blue sofa highlights a minimalistic room with stark white walls.


Geometric patterns are trendy both in a modern or a classic setting. It is classic, originating from ancient Roman floors made of marble, so it’s just perfect for any interior surrounded by antiques and velvet curtains. IT can be used to artistically recreating the Art Deco of 1920s interiors, replete with geometric marble surfaces and brass surfaces. But this has a modern rugged touch and can lend itself as a unique decoration. With stark white painted walls and pristine white stone floors, nothing more is needed. The mood created is that of youthfulness – fresh and sophisticated, but draws upon the soul you wish to add to your personal space.


Layered spaces laced with a heavy overdose of textiles and interspersed with vintage or unique furniture pieces are what define us. There is no better way of achieving a Global Nomad-ish sensibility in one’s personal spaces! It is better to begin by reviewing what is already there, then visit local antique shops and estate sales to add interesting art pieces and accessories which enables your space to sing aloud.


Black is always classic and sophisticated, permitting high-contrast, sculptured moments. It really is hard to miss a black kitchen.


No color invites adding plentiful texture and movement, even if neutral tones are used throughout the space. With large living spaces and bedrooms, layer upon layer of organic and patterned color elements can be added to the pillows on the sofa, to the wall decor or to the furniture details. Colors are touched upon ingredients with natural textures while fluid shapes had calm, clean colors.


Clients loving the wide outdoors need a comfortable living space that is organic and refined. The walls are in as-natural-as-possible shades where greens, reds and pastels break the monotony of the room, which also has a vintage inspired dining table in dark wood. The palette is completely derived from nature, bringing the outside in, giving life to refined objects and artwork in the space.


A while and blue Morocco-inspird rug adds visual texture and enhances the original charm of any old wooden flooring. The bold counterpoint to the natural rough-hewed wood and the classic rug pattern adds modern graphic elements while creating separate spaces, which can distinguish itself as the dining, entrance and living areas. 


For designing a sophisticated TV hangout area for younger family members, the rich opulence and aesthetics of London private clubs with a strong presence of midcentury fashion, is considered welcoming. Visual interest is retained by extensive layering of patterns, colors and cultural references with a mix of arts and accessories reflecting the current maximalism trend.

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