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How To Treat Pimples Of Your Child

If you ever see your preadolescent child spending lot of their time in front of the mirror, bursting acnes and finding ways to hide it, don’t panic but smile. A pimple is a very common problem at the age of puberty when there is a rush of hormones inducing the skin to produce more sebum. In the past few years, children’s have started to hit puberty very early compared to the expected age and pimples are the first symptom of puberty.

Pimples are the major cause of embarrassment and anxiety among teenagers. And so it’s very important to know the reason that causes a pimple before you look out for its skin care options.

Reasons that causes Pimples

Usually, a pimple can happen to anyone of any age but mostly it occurs in the pre-teen children when they hit puberty. It is caused by the overdrive of hormones leading the skin to produce more oil than normal. The outer layer of our skin exfoliates itself continuously. Sometimes the dead cells get stuck together with the sticky oil (sebum) and block the pore.

Pore blockage is more prone to arise at the time of puberty because the sebaceous glands produce extra sebum at the moment.

The sebum and dead cells accumulate leading to blockage of the pore, this encourages the growth of undesirable bacteria’s, Propionibacterium. This is a slow-developing bacterium linked to the pimple development. These bacteria feed on the sebum thereby producing a substance that instigates an immune response, main to epidermis inflammation and spots.

How to take care of skin at home

To prevent a pimple it always best to avoid all those things that trigger a pimple or make it bad. It’s always best to encourage your child to develop a control on anything that can cause the acnes problematic.

Washing your face

Encourage your child to wash their face with a mild soap at least twice a day with warm water and avoid scrubbing. Avoid the usage of all harsh soaps and cosmetics. Also, keep splashing with only water throughout the day.

Avoid bursting the pimples

Never ever let your child burst those filthy looking pimples, it can worsen the infected pimple by spreading around the nearby skin. It also causes dark scarring to the wound.


Encourage your child to eat a healthy diet that includes more green vegetable and fruits. Avoids all greasy and oil based foods like French fries, junks, chocolates etc.

Visit dermatologist

It’s always best to go for herbal products to control pimples on the face but if a pimple gets worse, then it’s time to visit the doctor to get basic medicine to control the situation.

Children have delicate skin and it’s very important to take proper skin care measures to control the pimples. Let your children be free from these worries so that they can enjoy their childhood.

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