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Top Five Skin Care Problems You Experienced This Winter (And How To Fix It)

A lot of people believe that saying our confidence is the best thing we can wear can be argued when not coupled with a healthy skin. It could be a problem showing out in the open with a peaked confidence, a chapped lip, or flaky skin. Winter takes a toll on our skin due to intake and activity preference during the season. Let’s find out the most common skin problems and how to deal with it.

The Flaky and Dry Skin

Flanky Dry Skin is Common During Winters

Flanky Dry Skin is Common During Winters

When dry heat inside is combined with the harsh and cold winds outside, it results in extreme redness or cracks that are bleeding, flaking, and drying of the skin. Fight these skin conditions by purchasing a balm moisturizer such as the Atomic Balm Moisturizing Stick. You can choose a cream or a stick versus oil so that you can keep the moisture in. Mostly, your body is made up of liquids. Make sure to hydrate as well in the winter since it does not only hydrate the body but it also helps the skin get hydrated and even fights chapped lips.

The Razor Bumps and Breakouts

The skin gets drier when taking hot showers, drinking fewer fluids like water itself, and opting for a hot coffee. These are the options most people are doing when winter hits. How to fight the breakouts and razor bumps? Simply use a few drops of oil like macadamia, almond, and grape seed oil to prevent the skin from drying, flaking, the itchy, and the cuts. This will provide the skin a smooth glide for the razor and will also serve as a buffer to avoid damaging the skin. The oil alone can be used before putting on the shaving cream you are using. This may take time before you get used to but it will be worth it.

The wrong facial cleanser

Wash your face even when you haven’t worn any make-up. Remember that during the day, your face has collected oil and dirt. You have to make sure that you wash your face at night and change your pillowcase twice a week to avoid breakouts. After washing your face, it should not feel itchy, tight, or dry. A gentle wash should be used for the face and let it sit on for about two minutes to dissolve the extra oil without stripping. Many cleansers that are based on acid should be avoided since it will strip away the moisture of the skin. As season changes, so should the cleansers.


It is best to use SPF when going outside for more than 60 minutes. The sunscreen should always be applied the whole year round since the rays of the sun are still strong enough to damage the skin in the months of the coldest winter. A lot of people use the TIZO brand since it is backed with titanium dioxide and Zinc that does not cause irritation. Stop smoking, it’s hard but you should. It’s not good for the skin. Start getting used to hydrating more. The more you get your body hydrated, the less noticeable the wrinkles will be.

Hydrate yourself with 64 ounces of water every day to avoid making your skin look tired and old. The cells in your body rely on water to properly function. Be reminded that less intake of water leads to slow down the systems in the body and make an atmosphere that is sludge-like and promotes aging quickly. One more tip, invest in good serums like Secret Weapon Anti-Aging Serum. It contains excellent oils like macadamia nut oil, meadowfoam, rose, and sandalwood, just the holy grail of oils. It is a weapon for anti-aging that will hydrate your skin and minimize the fine line.
Dull Skin

The most important skin care routine to have a beautiful skin should be done at night. Why? Our skin is made up of cells. These cells rebuild at the time of the least stress, thus, nighttime. The skin is not exposed to the elements and follows the circadian rhythm. Hydrate with serums that are rich in antioxidants and always make sure to remove your makeup. It is also good to get facials monthly. The skin turns every 3-6 weeks and takes even longer as we get older. The facials every month, enzyme or oxygen, will keep your skin glowing, hydrated, and balanced. When having a dull skin, this means that you are in need of more oxygen and proper exfoliation.

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