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Why More Men Are Getting Plastic Surgery These Days

Cosmetic surgery is a procedure that is usually udergone by women and discussed by women – just like the usual mani-pedi.  The topic is such a taboo for men that it usually avoided being spoken about, forget even considering undergoing them.  In case they find out someone they know did it, it’s best not to speak about it.

Recently (and surprisingly), research has shown that the stigma surrounding men and plastic surgery has reduced significantly.  Numbers and figures show that a lot of men these days are undergoing plastic surgery!

Saying goodbye to the ‘dad bod’

Blame it to what many call the ‘dad bod’, or the body shape or status that men are said to get once they become dads.  It’s probably called so because once some men get married and have kids, they sort of just ‘let go’.  Meaning literally they let go of the usual exercise routines and healthy diets they had when they were still single.  Healthy and fit physiques were apparently maintained by some men when they were still looking for the woman they want to start a family with.  Hmmm, this kind of sounds like how it is with some women, too.  It seems like that instead of working out, some are opting for cosmetic surgery to bring back their old body appearance.

The numbers do not lie

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons recently released data regarding cosmetic surgery among men.  The figures for 2017 show that these are the specific procedures that some men have undergone to cosmetically enhance their bodies – 12% of men have had their tummy tucked, 23% got liposuction, while 30% had their breast reduced.  Data has shown that $1.3 million worth of accounted cosmetic procedures were done on men.  Compared to $14.5 million done one women, the numbers are still far apart, but still quite a big leap in numbers for men.

Hollywood actor Mickey Rourke looks very different from his older self, all thanks to plastic surgery

The stigma of losing a portion of their masculine appeal when they get plastic surgery is gone. It’s like doing workouts so they can look good again, only in a way going through a faster road or taking a shortcut.  It isn’t surprising now when we look back at Kanye West admitting that he got liposuction so he won’t look fat just a month ago – it’s actually a new trend!

Welcome to the Club!

We can just imagine women who are fans of cosmetic surgeries welcoming men with open arms and saying “welcome to the club”, with matching banners and refreshments.  Although the stigma is over, though, most men undergo cosmetic procedures discreetly.  This is the reason why some surgeons who want to cater to men decided to open clinics solely for them, so they can avoid being seen whenever they get treatments.

There is also another way why separate clinics work, because the procedures between the two gender generally need a different approach.  Cosmetic surgery clinics solely dedicated for men, therefore, can mean that the doctor or doctors doing the procedures are skilled on doing certain procedures for men.  Take for example rhinoplasty, which is generally the same for both genders – enhancement of the nose.  But it’s more than just that, there are surgeons who are experts on the masculine reforming of a nose, and there are those who can give women the perfect new feminine nose they need.  The same goes for Botox procedures, since males who have larger muscles need larger dosage compared to females.

More men are likely to get on board with cosmetic surgery

Surveys also have shown that more men are considering taking the leap and getting cosmetic surgeries done on them.  The most popular among the procedures remain to be liposuction, and the reasons of men who have done it are not just because they do not want to go to the gym.  A number of men who got liposuction swear they have done every workout routines out there but still cannot get the body form they aimed to achieve.  One man who got breast reduction swore he did everything within his power to alter how his chest looks naturally, but they just did not work.   According to him he got made fun of when his friends found out about the procedure he had gotten, which is why it’s more likely that a lot of men will go under the radar to get cosmetic procedures in the coming years.

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