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People Love These Cosmetic Procedures for Their Zero Downtime

The term plastic surgery creates visions of a clandestine and furtive operation by cosmetic surgeons on an unconscious woman who is sent from the back door of an unmarked seedy clinic and then bundled off to a secret recovery center with a gauze bandage covering her face and nose.

For the next ten days, only a liquid diet is allowed and a slow recovery over a month is envisaged. But times have surely changed with dozens of cosmetic procedures performed daily in dermatologist offices across America with zero downtime. That means no costly stay at rehab facilities, and no leave from work. After detailed consultations with top dermatologists, several non-invasive procedures that can instantly change your looks are detailed below:

Chemical Peels

Instant and youthful rejuvenation with no downtime is possible with light chemical peels as per anti-aging specialists in aesthetic medicine who recommend visits to your dermatologist’s office for a light chemical peel every month. Once a month is a good enough as it is the amount of time taken for skin cells to turn over.  Due to age, the cell renewal process is curbed, leading to dead skin buildup.

Facial peels on a monthly basis, exfoliates the top dead skin layers and stimulates collagen production, leaving your skin fresh and fabulous. Ensure booking only light facial peels as medium / deep chemical peels may leave the skin red and blotchy.  After a light peel session of Clinique YFT Red Carpet Peel ($200-$300), you can carry on with your usual daily tasks.


The most common cosmetic procedure, Botox continues to be a cult-favorite amongst dermatologists and patients and is commonly called a “lunchtime procedure,” as patients usually schedule appointments during lunch-breaks and are back to office without anyone noticing.  A few pinpricks and a week later, angry frowns are erased, a heavy eyelid lifted, and a cordy neck, tightened all in one quick Botox session over within minutes.

Most patients are aware of Botox for treating the ‘elevens lines’ between the brows and the ‘crow’s feet’ under eyes due to FDA-approvals but it is also used to treat the forehead,  the nose tip, corners of the mouth, chin, and the jaw​. Small amounts of Botox injected all over the face helps avoid facial sweating and helps reduce the redness from rosacea.  It’s very effective if doctors inject less Botox to achieve a natural effect and patients schedule appointments once every two months.

Hyaluronic Acid Fillers (HAFs)

The term “filler” was immensely popularized by Kylie Jenner, to achieve those full lips that identify her with cosmetic procedures. Elder sister Khloe Kardashian has experimented with facial fillers on an episode of FYI’s “Kocktails with Khloe”. But why is the skin-swelling treatment remarkable? You can see instant results and return to work and life immediately, looking much better, according to experts who administer the procedure up to 10 times a day. There are numerous varieties of HAFs to correct various issues, whether it’s the mid cheek, smile lines, lips, tear trough or marionette lines. Experts favor HA fillers particularly for plumping up the cheek area, explaining that as we age, our cheeks drop and what was once rather smooth, breaks up into noticeable upper and lower cheek compartments.

Replacing lost cheek volumes and lifting the cheek back into a more youthful position, makes a huge difference in the appearance of the face. As in all cosmetic procedures being done today, telltale signs of having work done on any person is always a matter of concern. All doctors confirm that patients may experience some swelling up to five days after Botox injections, and these are absolutely minimal if proper injection techniques are used, with most people not being able to notice anything. Further, experts recommend taking Arnica Montana tablets three to five days before the treatment to minimize possible side-effects and apply numbing cream and ice packs to eliminate post-injection pains. According to experts, fillers can cost up to $1,500 per syringe.

Looking at your Best

With the vast strides taken by cosmetic science and with minimal invasive surgery techniques being used by expert cosmetic surgeons, you owe it to yourself to put your best foot forward by using modern cosmetic techniques to look at your best. In a very competitive world this is the least you can do to be always at the top of your game, at all times!

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