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Jane Fonda Absolutely Hates the Fact that She Wanted Plastic Surgery

Actress Jane Seymour Fonda was born to Hollywood royalty, with her dad being silver screen legend Henry Fonda, and she was destined for great things. From her screen debut in Tall Story in 1960 to her 2018 movie Book Club, she has been captivating audiences everywhere. It really is hard to forget that she’s actually 81 years old!

Jane Fonda always did adopt a no-B.S. attitude to her undergoing plastic surgery. She often spoke candidly about her decision to go under the knife, and even though she was brushing off questions about it, it was only because there were much more pressing matters to discuss at the time. Fonda speaks openly about her cosmetic surgery procedures in Jane Fonda in Five Acts, an HBO produced documentary based on her life, where she expresses some regrets at having been pressurized to alter her screen appearance as she aged.

She’s glad to look good at her age, but she had to have plastic surgery, according to People Magazine. She had no intention to lie about it. Now 81, Jane discusses in her documentary that she didn’t feel that she needed the surgery at all, but succumbed due to societal pressures and her own self-image issues. On some level, she hates that she felt the need to alter herself physically to feel that she was okay. She now wishes that she wasn’t like that as she loves older, lived-in faces like Vanessa Redgrave’s face. She wished she was braver but accepts her weaknesses.

The star from Grace and Frankie shared some more anti-aging secrets. Although she no longer follows her well-known high-energy workout tapes, she still works out but at a more sedate pace. Another quality tip from her is to fix your posture when standing up straight as it makes a difference. In the end Fonda noted that anti-aging is more a mental game than a physical one and one’s age is less chronological and more attitudinal.

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