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Celebrity Looks That Are Major Plastic Surgery Trends Right Now

Everyone, you and me included, have an idea of what beauty looks like and even aspire to be like these celebs, stars or models who we think are perfect. A few may actually act upon their instincts to look more like Kylie Jenner or Justin Beiber and are willing to do under the knife for it. Some may choose to carry a photo of their fav celeb with them to their plastic surgeon’s office and show them what they expect to look like. Maybe 10 years ago the plastic surgery trend would have been to get Jennifer Lopez’s derrière or Angelina Jolie’s lips. But as the times change, so do the role models. So the latest crop of goddesses, who make women aspire to be like them, are known for their camera friendly faces and bodies. Let’s find out who these trend makers are.

Nose and Freckles like Meghan Markle

The plastic surgeons have spoken and they all seem to say that imperfections are trendy now. The recent American trend seems to be people coming up with requests to model their noses after Suits actress Meghan Markle, with a small bump on the bridge of the nose and a refined tip to boot. This trend does seem to suggest a shift towards more ‘natural looking’ results post surgery or procedure. It also hints to the fact that people don’t want to opt for the perfect look, as imperfections are all just natural.

In other trends, Markle’s freckles seem to also be inspiring cosmetic trends, even though you do not need surgery for this one. Just head on over to a tattoo artist who can give you these “semi permanent tattoos,” which is inspired by the new Duchess’ signature no-make up/no coverage look. It usually costs about $250 and the results last for 1-3 years, as tiny bee sting-like punctures are made to the skin, which then return to their normal size to mimic natural freckles.

Nose like Rihanna

Meghan’s nose has some stiff competition from Rihanna’s, as this R&B singer seems to be a trending inspiration for many a nose jobs today. Plastic surgeons re-craft people noses to look more like the singer’s with more straightness, a slight upturn on the tip and it’s closeness to the face. While her upturn, symmetry and straightness is well liked now, doctors say that nose job trends change fast. Today someone is ‘in’, and maybe tomorrow they aren’t.

Belly Button like Emily Ratajkowski

Umbilicoplasty or belly button surgery is not a made up term and it really exists! And people seem to be want a belly button just like model and actress Ratajkowski, after seeing her in her bikini and other midriff bearing ensembles on red carpets. Surgeons say that the vertically oriented and oval navel makes her torso appear longer and even makes her abs look leaner. Now, who wouldn’t want that! Previous trends have been belly buttons modeled after Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears and many Victoria’s Secret supermodels.

Legs like Bella Hadid

Thighlighting has become popular, it is a procedure which involves calf implants, inner & outer thigh contouring, liposuction and thigh lifts. Apart from having the leggy model Bella Hadid in mind when people get these procedures done, Cameron Diaz, Karlie Kloss, Taylor Swift and Jennifer Lopez style legs are also very popular. Doctors give people high gaps, make cellulite disappear, make buttocks project out and give fullness in sagging areas to make women’s legs look leaner, well proportioned and more elongated.

Dimples like Miranda Kerr’s

The term dimpleplasty is pretty self-explanatory. Apart from actress and model Miranda Kerr, the trend also draws its inspiration from singer Harry Styles and actress Gabrielle Union. It involves making cuts inside the patient’s mouth (which creates a defect in the regular check muscles), which gives the appearance of dimples when they smile and usually, only when they smile. This procedure is semi permanent.

The entire package like Melania Trump

Unlike the other beauties on this list, Mrs. Trump is not known for just one body part. Her fans wish to look like her in entirety. The entire package could include procedures like fillers, liposuction, Botox, breast augmentation, injectable treatments or buttock lifts to imitate the first lady.  Many of the people who wish to look like her say that her aura and gait illustrate great strength and power, and any resemblance to her would make them feel the same.

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