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13 Things Your Plastic Surgeons Will Never Tell You

Plastic surgery before and after photos can be tempting, however, before you make up your mind to undergo under the knife, here are some of the plastic surgery confessions you should know.

4. There is a secret weapon we use it when things go wrong: leeches

By restoring the blood flow and secreting out the chemicals that prevent the blood clots,– leeches can help in saving a breast lift gone wrong or a reattached limb that is about to die. It sounds weird, but reconstructive plastic surgeons use them often.

5. If your drooping eyelids are slightly blocking your vision, then your insurance can pay for a lid lift

So many people have used Medicare to pick up the pill for the procedure that can cause controversy.

6. We laugh at you sometimes

One of my patients once e-mailed me to ask if it was alright for her to cook for her friends and family again. She wanted to make sure that her breast implants would not melt. I also had a client come in with his girlfriend and his wife literally a week apart for the same breast implant surgery.

7. We think the celebrities with the frozen faces, puffed-up lips, and gargantuan breast implants look ridiculous too

Now, this is something we all have felt at some point in their life. Their frozen faces, gargantuan breasts or puffed up lips make them look good only on the cover of magazines. We think even our dear celebrities also know this.

8. How would I select a plastic surgeon?

Well, I would prefer a doctor who is well certified to train other doctors as well. They are known “fellowship directors.”

9. Don’t want to visit my office?

Then make sure you apply sunblock with titanium dioxide or zinc, wear sunglasses outside, and never squint.

10. Before you throw your judgment on us, remember that we do a lot more than just elective surgery

We rectify cleft palates and cleft lips, perform on face surgeries and delicate hand, and help in reconstructing people who are burned, perform cancer operation, or suffered has a catastrophic accident.

11. We may get a little Botox here and there, however, most serious plastic surgeons have not had any plastic surgery on themselves

Perhaps that’s because it is an egotistical profession, and the only person I would allow operating on me is “myself”.

12. A quarter of our patients are male

They get Botox, liposuction, eyelid lifts, hair transplants, and much more.Everything that women ask us to do.

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