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The Secret to Kelly Clarkson’s Impressive Weight Loss

Fame came suddenly for Kelly Clarkson; she did not realize that getting the golden ticket when she auditioned for American Idol would also serve as the same ticket to fame and success in the music industry.  Along with her celebrity status came the stress of trying to maintain a certain kind of look and weight.  To understand more about Kelly’s weight loss success today, you need first to know the many struggles she went through with regards to her yo-yoing weight, as well as her views on dieting and exercise.

A Dark Period in Kelly’s Life

There was a point in time for the singer’s life that she was at her thinnest – a period she admittedly felt was a very dark one for her.  Since she needed to look good, she spent most of her time at the gym, and she was frequently running, almost to the point of destroying her knees.

One thing she wants to be always clear about when she mentions this particular time is that she felt unhappy because of the demands the business requires from artists like her to always look great, which eventually led for her to reach her slimmest form.  She knew ‘thin’ was not the target, it became the side effect of her being miserable, and not the other way around.  She wants this fact to be relayed crystal clear, since she has been misquoted in the past when talking about her weight.

Marriage and Children

At the end of every tunnel is light – hope came for Kelly in the form of love.  The singer found herself in the arms of her manager, Narvel Blackstock’s son, Brandon.  After dating for a year, the two tied the knot in 2013.  When Kelly married Brandon, she gained an instant family because the latter has a daughter and a son from his previous marriage.  Not soon after their wedding the couple welcomed their own children, River and Remington.   Gone were the gloomy days in Kelly’s life and she found a new meaning to her life.  This is probably the inspiration for her latest album, Meaning of Life.

Weight Gain

Being a victim of body shamers because of her fluctuating weight gain, Kelly became sort of like one of the ‘unofficial’ spokesperson for body positivity.  With so many women of different ages looking up to the singer, she made sure to send out messages through her social media accounts to celebrate your body no matter the size.  No longer a prisoner of the industry’s demand for the right kind of aesthetics for stars, Kelly showed her fans she is happy despite her weight gain, and she feels no shame performing despite of not looking how she used to when she first started in her career.  The singer doesn’t allow anything or anyone to steal her joy anymore, not even body shamers on social media, with one even flat out telling her “you’re fat”, to which Kelly replied, “but I’m still awesome”.

How She Recently Lost Weight

When someone overweight speaks about body positivity or loving your body no matter the size, then suddenly lose weight, a normal reaction from some is to call them out for the cause they used to rally for.  Changing your body like in Kelly’s case, losing weight, does not translate to not loving your body anymore.  It means more than just embracing your body size in case you are overweight.  In fact, Kelly can be a really good role model for literally loving one’s body, because losing weight was just a side effect of her choice to take better care of her health.  Yes, the secret to Kelly Clarkson’s weight loss was choosing foods that are healthy for the body to eliminate certain medical conditions.  And she learned everything about her new healthy diet by reading a book by Dr. Steven Gundry called The Plant Paradox.

What is The Plant Paradox All About?

The mother of two lost a total of 37 lbs by being on the Plant Paradox Diet, which is like an overhaul of how we used to cook and eat our food.  Dr. Gundry’s book talks about lectins, a type of protein that is present in foods like potatoes, dairy, wheat, nuts, and beans.  According to the doctor, lectins are toxic to the body and should be eliminated from ones diet.  The Plant Paradox Diet, therefore, teaches readers how to remove lectins from their diet or find something to replace it with.  This is especially applicable for people who love processed foods, because the diet is also all about eliminating these and choosing whole foods instead and cooking most of the food you eat.   The upside of going on the Plant Paradox diet for the singer is that two medical conditions she was diagnosed with are gone – a thyroid issue and an autoimmune disease – and she even stopped medication for them after consulting her doctor.  However, a downside of the diet according to Kelly is that it’s pretty expensive.  Well, if it means feeling so much better with a side effect of a healthier weight as the results, what better way to spend extra cash on, right?

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