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The Terrifying Accident that Almost Destroyed Carrie Underwood’s Career

If it wasn’t for Carrie Underwood’s fierce voice and chart-topping country songs, we would have never even known her. In 2017, the country music singer fell outside their house in Nashville and suffered a broken wrist. A minor wrist injury alone wouldn’t have bothered Underwood, but the accident affected another part of her body which could have scarred her for life and even ended her career.

The accident affected her face and she got up to 50 stitches on her wound. Although she assured her fans that she was fine and would be back on stage in no time. the truth was far from it. In reality, the singer’s health was declining and her future in the music industry looked bleak. She almost lost her voice to this accident.

In the early days of 2018, she revealed how badly the accident affected her. It was then her fans realized that her face had been scarred by the tragic fall. The reason why she didn’t say everything was she didn’t know how her life will finally turn out after healing. When she came out of the surgery room, she had around 50 stitches on her face, her lip and inside her mouth.

Underwood stayed away from social media as she battled to bring back her voice affected by the stitches. Finally, she is back from her long hiatus and will be dishing out more music for us.

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