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The Special and Surprising Meaning Behind the Names of the Royal Babies

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle introduced the world to the latest royal family member on Wednesday, welcoming their first-born baby Sussex on May 6. After officially meeting his grandmother the reigning Queen Elizabeth II, the couple named him Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. Research on the sentimental meaning and rationale of some of the royal names, reveal often, very surprising results. After her ascension to the throne, Queen Elizabeth II decided to combine their surnames, ensuring that all future descendants take on the hyphenated name. So why are the royal babies named so? Let’s find out…

Prince George Alexander Louis

Third in succession to the throne, the little 5-year-old tot’s name is George and he shares many commonalities with fellow past heirs. Queen Elizabeth’s father was King George VI whose name was Albert before coming to the throne. He actually is the monarchy’s seventh King George. William and Kate chose to name their next son after Prince Philip’s favorite uncle, Louis Mountbatten, from whom he got his surname.

Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana

William and Kate’s daughter’s official name, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana, contains poignant tributes to many family members. Charlotte is a nod to Prince Charles and also is the middle name of Kate’s grandmother and sister. Elizabeth has a reference to Queen Elizabeth, her great-grandmother, while Diana is a clear tribute and respect to Princess Diana, Prince William’s late mother.

Prince Louis Arthur Charles

Kensington Palace announced in April 2018 that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge named their son Louis Arthur Charles shortly after the birth of William and Kate’s third child. Charles is an obvious nod to his grandfather, Prince Charles, and Louis from Lord Mountbatten’s first name.

Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor

Harry and Meghan shocked everyone when announcing the name of their first child as according to; Archie is of German origin and means truly brave. Windsor is the surname of the Queen’s male descendants who have not been awarded royal titles. The name Mountbatten honors Prince Phillip’s Uncle, Lord Mountbatten. Harrison is supposed to denote “Harry’s son” and we think that’s adorable!

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