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Rebecca Romijn Explains Why She’s Welcoming Aging with Open Arms

Rebecca Romijn is not afraid of growing old, and she has her dear mother to thank for that. The model was once again featured in PEOPLE’s Most Beautiful Issue, and she shared this inspiring detail about her frame of thought with respect to aging. Romijn explained that as a young girl, she had always admired her mother’s beauty, something that did not change as she grew older. She mentioned loving her mother’s laugh lines, and that she continually was in awe of her mum’s beauty even as her face aged. She takes comfort that someday her twin daughters will look at her the same way she looked at her mom — with admiration.

In the magazine’s issue, the model once again posed with no makeup on her face, something that she had already done 10 years ago, and she says so many things have changed since then. When she first did a photo shoot bare-faced, her twins Dolly and Charlie had just been born, and now, they are all grown up!

The mother of two admitted that she cannot believe that the times were changing. Her babies are growing up fast and they are beginning to raid her closet for clothes that can fit them. She remembered one time, one of the twins wore something of hers without seeking her permission and she came home to the piece of clothing all ruined. She made that twins realize that what had happened was not okay.

Modeling aside, Romijn is known for being the ex-wife of actor John Stamos. Before their divorce in 2004, she was known as Rebecca Romijn-Stamos.  Before all these currently famous superheroes came along, Romijn played Mystique in the X-Men film series, and Joan in The Punisher – both roles being based on Marvel Comics characters. Shortly after divorcing Stamos, the model-turned-actress met and married actor Jerry O’Connell, who’s the father of her twin girls. The couple has been together since 2007.

Romijn shared some wise words with PEOPLE with regard to beauty — she said that it’s all about acceptance. By accepting things about us, such as aging, and any other inner qualities, that is what truly makes someone beautiful.

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