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The Real Reason Why Pink No Longer Posts Photos of her Kids on Social Media

Pink finally revealed on an episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the reason why she no longer shares photos of her adorable children on social media – she’s tired of the backlash from critics who do not agree with her parenting style.

The famous singer said to Ellen that some of the posts on her Instagram account that made people come at her with negative comments.  There was this one time when her youngest child, Jameson, uttered the word “dammit!” in a video, and Pink received comments suggesting that she was a bad mother and the word clearly came from her.

However, it was a photo of her with her kids, 7-year-old daughter Willow and 2-year-old Jameson, playing with a pelican while on vacation at the beach, that received the most vile backlash.  People took notice of Pink’s son not wearing a diaper, thus his nether region was exposed in the photo.  Some of the worst comments included someone saying child services should be called on the singer.

The singer deleted the post and reposted an edited one with Jameson’s nether region scribbled over black.  Pink captioned the photo calling out everyone who showed malice towards the photo, ‘disgusting,’ and mentioned she didn’t even notice that her son had removed his swim trunks.  She also mentioned on the post that she decided to turn off her post’s comment section because of the state of social media users these days.

The Beautiful Trauma singer described to Ellen how she cried so hard because of the comments, obviously hurt because of harsh words, especially as she feels very proud of her two kids.  It’s the reason why she shares so much of two young kids on social media, but because of what happened, she won’t share photos of them anymore.  Pink is known for being outspoken of her feelings about certain issues, but criticizing her mothering and going after her kids is too much for the Grammy-winning singer.

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