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This is How Much Colton Underwood from ‘The Bachelor’ Adores Girlfriend Cassie Randolph

Even after the show has ended and the final rose has been given, The Bachelor star Colton Underwood is still very much smitten with lady love Cassie Randolph, sharing his feelings on a sweet Instagram post. Just like normal relationships that are not televised, Underwood is making us admire his charms, what with his constant efforts at wooing Randolph, even after their courtship period ended.

Along with an Instagram photo of him and the 23-year-old Californian speech pathologist, Underwood praised his girl by saying he’s proud of her, describing the hectic week they experienced, with Randolph balancing school with media appearances.  Apparently Randolph needed to do some school work even when they are touring, even spending 5 hours on the plane just to finish some stuff required for her studies, and taking a quiz while suffering the flu.  With all the hard work she was putting in, Underwood couldn’t help himself from showering his lady with praises, saying Randolph deserved everything that the world has to offer.

Looking back at their relationship that was featured in The Bachelor, it seemed they hit it off well, with instant chemistry from their very first meeting.  Their easy-going equation was very evident during their one-on-ones, too.  However, just when it seemed like everything was going right, and Randolph was the obvious girl to end up with the rose, things turned awry.

Randolph was already showing signs of hesitation during their one-on-one time, but not because of the relationship but rather with the idea of getting married.  When Underwood asked for Randolph’s father’s approval, to ask her hand in marriage, he did not get it, which helped the 23-year-old finally decide that she was going to quit the show.

Even Underwood quit at first, but decided to go back and finish the show.  He shocked viewers when he didn’t hand over the rose to either of the two finalists, Hannah Godwin or Tayshia Adams.  Instead, they were both sent home, with Colton hoping that he could win back Cassie Randolph in the bid.  Fans of the couple couldn’t contain their happiness when, during the live ‘After the Final Rose’ TV special, Underwood and Randolph revealed that they had reconciled their differences and were now together.

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