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Jennifer Garner Shares Fan Compliment that Surprised Her

It’s been 18 years since Jennifer Garner caught the attention of television viewers with her incredible portrayal of Sydney Bristow in the series Alias. She still fascinates us today and her beauty still shines at 47, which may be why People Magazine chose her to be on their cover of their 2019 Most Beautiful issue.

Despite not doing a lot of TV and film projects these days, Garner is very much visible and connected with her fans through her Instagram account, where she hosts has her famous “Pretend Cooking Show.” When the actress was asked about how her fans were receiving her “cooking show”, she shared that she’s frequently been complimented on it and that actually surprised her. Many of her fans tell Garner that she actually looks more beautiful on her home videos than on the screen, with all that make up on.

Looking at it from an actress’ point of view, that is not such a good thing. She makes a living appearing on screen, after all. In reality, though, it’s a great compliment since it only meant she is pretty up close.

Despite Garner’s active social media life via Instagram, she takes for granted any other thing on the internet that deals with her. The Alias actress admitted that she doesn’t look at photos or articles about her at all, because she cares too much that she gets affected with anything negative that she reads about her. She explained that she prefers Instagram because her followers on that platform are less mean.

Her Pretend Cooking Show has become so popular that if she turns it into a real web series or TV show, it will surely become a success. However, Garner has no interest in changing its format. The actress is honest enough to say she is not a great chef, and most of what she shares are her mother’s recipes. She can bake and cook, but not that expertly that she can host her own ‘real’ cooking show.

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