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Shailene Woodley’s ‘Adrift’ Fitness Regime is all Kinds of Extreme

In Adrift,  a movie based on a real life story, actress Sgailene stars alongside fellow actor Sam Claflin, portraying the character of Tami Oldham, a woman lost at sea for 41 days. The film required much physical strength to survive the exceptionally harsh Pacific Ocean conditions, with diet and exercise playing a critical part during her preparations. Woodley talks about her rigorous workouts, mental health and how she is all about self-care.

While her diet for Tami’s role was very restrictive, as the lead characters are stranded, but she is never obsessive about eating in her personal life as it is all about whatever makes her happy. Why get stressed about putting food into your body? Be knowledgeable and educated about where your food is sourced from and take educated decisions. She buys sustainably grown foods, but at times, irrationally desires a peanut butter cup. She loves exotic foods and is on the lookout for new things to try.

Her character is lost at sea for more than a month, so Woodley needed to improve her overall strength to play the part and do it convincingly well. Squats, push-ups or plank exercises for the fitness approach helps to strengthen your back and abdominal muscles and improves balance and overall flexibility. Swimming was a regular workout for Woodley to build strength in the shoulders, which was mandatory for her character as sailors have a lot of upper body strength. Hence, her training was more focused on building the upper-body.

No matter if she’s on the big screen or just on her social media pages fighting to save Earth, Woodley finds the time for self-care and abhors using any words that are unhealthy or degrading for ourselves. Woodley says that self-care is crucial and that everyone should take time out for themselves. It is important to seek solitude and quietness within us.

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