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Sarah Hyland Won’t Let Pain Stop Her From Reaching Her Fitness Goals

Actress Sarah Hyland is not letting anything stand in her way when it comes to her fitness goals, not even constant pain.

The Modern Family actress took to Instagram to say that she motivate herself to make it to the gym everyday, no matter how good or bad she is feeling physically. She shares on her social media account that because of the health issues she is experiencing, she is sometimes in constant pain and that’s why she makes excuses to avoid the gym. As if reminding herself, the actress goes on to say that a woman’s body is a miraculous thing, and that she can achieve anything she wants to do as long as she puts her mind to it.

Hyland has been through a lot physically lately, and she has been in and out of hospitals because of different medical conditions.  She had been diagnosed with kidney dysplasia as a child, and in 2012 had a kidney transplant.  Unfortunately the new kidney she received, which was from her father, was rejected by her body, so she underwent a second kidney transplant recently.

Furthermore, Hyland also suffers from endometriosis, a condition that can be extremely painful.  Because of that, she had to get a laparoscopic surgery done.  Not to mention she had another surgery to repair a hernia shortly after the first one was operated on, so in a span of two weeks she had two surgeries.

But it looks like things are going well for the actress recently, health-wise.  She has been seen at a number of social gatherings, plus she can now head back to the gym after her recovery. It looks like her body is doing okay with her new kidney.  Furthermore, the actress has all the support she needs from her loved ones, especially boyfriend Wells Adam.  The former Bachelorette star has always been supportive of his girlfriend, but more so during her health struggles, since he has remained by the actress’ side throughout it all.

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