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How Many Calories Can You Burn When You Stand At Work?

Burning calories is a fad which is popular among many people and especially among those who are overweight or obese. People are prepared to utilize any methods available which promise to burn calories. The weight loss industrywhich is huge, has taken note of the fad people have and has developed a number of methods which promise the world but deliver nothing…

Presently, a new fad is being promoted by many manufacturers and even the highly popular Apple who state that it would be helpful to stand more and sit less if people are trying to burn calories and lose weight. The fad certainly does not look illegitimate but it definitely raises the question about how much weight can an individual lose simply by standing up by his or her desk while working?

The “Stand More At Work” Has Analytical Data Backing It up

 Stand More At Work

Analytical Data Is Available To Prove It Is Beneficial To Stand More At Work.

The promoters of this theory are quoting analytical data from nearly 50 studies which were conducted earlier on this topic. The studies included 1100 participants and measured the difference between the calories burned while sitting against the calories burned while standing.

The studies revealed that people could burn an additional 0.15 cal every minute when they were standing compared to being seated. Men displayed the ability to burn an additional 0.2 cal per minute when they were standing as compared to women who averaged 0.1 cals per minute. It was thereafter determined that men were burning more calories every minute because they had more muscle mass as compared to women.

The researchers concluded that an individual weighing 65 kg and standing at work for around six hours, could burn an extra 54 cal every day. They also decided that the calories burned would not be significant to help people to lose weight but it definitely had the potential to prevent weight gain. The findings were also confirmed as authentic by the scientific sessions meeting of the American Heart Association.

Standing More At Work Is Helpful But Isn’t Beneficial For Losing Weight

 Standard More At Work

Standing More is Better but Not Enough when trying to lose weight

Standing more at work is better than sitting in a stationary position at work. However, if people intend to lose weight, they should be concentrating on getting involved in more physical activity. People also need to make some lifestyle changes and begin consuming foodstuff which does not contribute to weight again.

Standing more at work definitely contributes to certain health benefits by reducing blood glucose levels and levels of body fat as compared to people who are sedentary. It was noted that people who were standing more managed to reduce their body fat by 0.7 pounds over a four-month period which was not the case with the people that continued sitting at their desks. It would be beneficial to understand that people can notice some reductions in body fat and blood sugar levels when they substitute sitting with standing more at work. However, they cannot take it for granted and consider it as the best way to lose weight because more needs to be done before they can burn the desired quantity of calories to display a significant amount of weight loss.

The national guidelines from the Department of Health and human services have recommended that people must have at least 150 minutes of physical activity every week which could be of the moderate intensity. People must also change their diet and make an attempt to stay away from items like fatty foods, carbonated drinks, and an unhealthy lifestyle. Burning calories from the body simply by standing more at work will not prove beneficial unless people are willing to combine the activity with more efforts on their part.

Are the Studies Spoken About Just Another Gimmick?

 Stand More At Work

The Studies Conducted Aren’t A Gimmick Because Reputed Institutions Are Involved.

The analytical data mentioned in this article has been obtained by researchers of reputed institutions such as the Mayo Clinic and the participants are actual people that have not been invented by websites to promote any products. The Cupertino giant Apple is just making an attempt to give people information about how they could possibly burn some calories simply by indulging in the activity of standing more at work. In the future, it is possible that smartwatch manufacturers will jump on the bandwagon and make an attempt to promote a similar culture.

People who decide to stand more at work will not be required to spend money on useless products that do not deliver on the results promised. Investing in a smartwatch can help in different ways and in any case, authentic data is available to show that people are in fact burning some calories when they make a decision to stand more at work. People can decide to indulge in this activity without even purchasing a smartwatch if they consider it a waste of money or this study as just another gimmick by the vast promoters of the weight loss industry.

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