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Is It Safe To Take Weight Loss Pills?

If you’re struggling with losing weight, you’ve probably been trapped in this misery for as long as you can remember. You find yourself signing up for different weight loss programs. You’ve tried hard to deprive yourself of eating your favorite foods and wake up early just to work out and lose those fats in the process. Yes, you’re ecstatic because, after a few days of sacrifice, you’ve finally shed some weight but after a while, you realize that you’ve gained it back and you’re stuck in the same dilemma once again.

For those people who’ve lost hope, they resort to extreme methods of taking weight loss pills. They want to lose weight fast without undergoing the tedious diet and exercise regimen. While some people had managed to lose weight successfully, we advise you to think thrice before taking in any weight loss pills. Why? It’s because you may suffer other medical complications that come with taking weight loss pills.

You Cannot Be Sure Whether They Will Work Or Not

Most Weight Loss Pills Don't Require Approval from the FDA

Most Weight Loss Pills Don’t Require Approval from the FDA

What’s different with dietary supplements and weight loss pills is that unlike any other pills, the FDA is lenient with it. It means that most diet pills don’t need to get an approval from the FDA, signifying that it’s safe to take or consume. This makes it hard for you to determine whether or not the weight loss pills you bought will work as intended. Moreover, with so many companies offering weight loss products, you don’t know which one of them is a legitimate seller and which one is not.

Aside from that, you don’t know just what kind of ingredients these weight loss manufacturers used to create their weight loss pills until it’s too late and you’re starting to experience allergic reactions. In a study released by the US Department Health, around 127 weight loss pills found are made illegally. It was also revealed that most of the “labels” and “promises” these pills claim were all false. Most of them are not working as expected. Last but not the least, the product doesn’t cure or treat the disease as they claim.

It Can Increase Your Risk Of Acquiring Cardiovascular Diseases

Dietary Pills May Increase Your Risk in Heart Attack

Dietary Pills May Increase Your Risk in Heart Attack

Even if we can’t know for sure the exact ingredients put on the dietary pill, we can all assume that most pills contain stimulants that increase risk o acquiring heart attack and stroke. What’s more, most of these stimulants have a high level of dosage which is above the recommended dosage of FDA. Do you really want to endanger your health more in order to lose weight?

You’re Not Changing Your Habits

Truth be told, taking a weight loss pill is nothing but a quick fix, but a long-term nightmare. Why? It’s because you’re not really changing your habits in here. You’re not really eating healthy foods to keep your body healthy. The moment you stop popping those pills, your fats and weight will come back. You should remember that taking pills will not sustain you forever. It’ll only damage your health and body if you force taking it every single day. The best way to lose weight is to live a healthy lifestyle. Educate yourself to have a better understanding of how weight loss works.

You May Experience Multiple Health Complications

Because most weight loss pills block the fat from entering your body, it causes the stomach to be upset. Remember that not all fats are bad for your body. Healthy fats, for instance, are needed for your body to function well. Because your body is also not receiving the proper nutrition it needs, it can cause constipation, mood swings, and even headaches. Aside from that, most weight loss pills contain caffeine and other diuretics, which cause you to lose weight temporarily. However, because your body no longer holds enough water and healthy fats, it causes you to have water weight and eventually, dehydration.

You Can Become Addicted and May Even Trigger Mental Health Illness

Most Women Become Addicted to Dietary Pills

These stimulants also found in weight loss pills contain amphetamines, antidepressants, and antianxiety drug. The presence of these three stimulants is found to be a dangerous mixture that causes one person to become addicted. Not only that but because you see that you’re “losing weight”, you’ll be obliged to take it or else you’ll fear that your weight will come back.

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