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Weight Loss Gimmicks That Can Shock The Wits Out Of You

 Weight Loss Gimmicks

Weight Loss Gimmicks Have Reached Epic Proportions.

More and more people are attempting to reach unattainable standards of beauty and it comes as no surprise that weight loss gimmicks and scams are reaching epic proportions. This is not a new phenomenon. History is evident to the fact that these gimmicks have been prevailing for quite some time.

Some of the weight loss gimmicks may surprise the average individual but the examples we are going to present in this article can shock even the hardened one. These are real incidents indicating different people and celebrities who tried some of the many weight loss gimmicks being promoted in the market.

Having Tapeworms Was A Weight Loss Gimmick Of the Victorian Era

Beauty standards were highly spoken about during the Victorian era which lasted between 1830 and 1900. The most common kind of clothing used by women while at the same time staying extravagant, was known to be multilayered and tight. The women were pushing themselves into corsets with the objective of achieving the highly desired 16 inch waist. Corsets are no longer used in present times but a disgusting practice of the Victorian era still remains by having tapeworms.

Marketers of weight loss gimmicks are making people believe that ingesting a pill containing a tapeworm egg will give the individual the desired weight loss result without having to change their lifestyle or eating habits. The concept appears to be quite terrifying and disgusting and most importantly, there is no scientific evidence available to prove the claims being made. However, celebrities like Khloe Kardashian are openly suggesting the merits of the tapeworm diet.

Does Vinegar Have the Potential To Keep You Thin?

Lord Byron was famous for being quite concern about his figure

Celebrities are not the only individuals that are promoting weight loss gimmicks by using their status. This method has been utilized by a number of popular celebrities who inadvertently promoted weight loss gimmicks. A poet of the Romantic era, Lord Byron, who was highly concerned about his figure, promoted a vinegar based gimmick. He had to suffer the side effects which included nausea and diarrhea.

The habit popularized by Lord Byron became a craze with the youth of the period who began having vinegar and rice with a simple desire to look pale and thin. Some of the individuals that used this diet may indeed have achieved their objective simply because they were constantly suffering from the side effects which had the potential to leave them dehydrated and sick.

Weight Loss Gimmicks Of the Dangerous Kind

As the Victorian era ended, wonder weight loss gimmicks began making an appearance in the market. The promoters were not hesitant to include dangerous substances with the gimmicks they were promoting. Arsenic was the ingredient of choice of these promoters who generally advertised their medications as helpful with speeding up metabolism. The quantity of arsenic used in the weight loss drugs wasn’t high, however, it was extremely dangerous for the users.

Chewing Food Just To Spit It out

During the early stages of the 20th century, a new weight loss gimmick was promoted by Horace Fletcher who argued that chewing and spotting food was the most effective way to losing weight. The gimmick promoted by Fletcher became immensely popular despite the fact that participants of the diet defecated just once after several weeks. He even promoted the idea that the individuals’ feces would have the smell of warm biscuits. Fletcher certainly had a disgusting way to promote his theory which unfortunately became quite popular during his time.

Is Soap Helpful In Washing Away Fat?

 Weight Loss Gimmicks

Can Soap Help You Wash Away Fat?

Advertisements can be deceptive in most occasions, but, washing away fat with a little soap would perhaps sound quite outrageous. According to a trend that became popular in the 20s, claimed that the Lamar brand of soap could wash away fat and even make the user look younger. The claims being made by the promoter were ridiculous but were no different from some of the claims which are presently being made. This wasn’t the only soap which was making such claims because competitor’s existed in the United States promising similar or better results with the products they owned.

The examples mentioned above have been recorded in history and the truth is, there are many people who decide to give them a try even in the present days without worrying about any side effect.  People who are looking to lose the unwanted pounds from their body are advised not to fall for these weight loss gimmicks but to stick with the advice provided by their physician because it won’t only be a better option, but also a faster and safer one to achieve the desired objectives.

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