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Perhaps These Reasons Can Help You To Figure Out Why You Aren’t Losing Weight

Your Sleep Schedule Is Off

If you’re getting more than 9 hours of sleep each night, then you can on the envy of your friends. However too little or too much sleep, i.e less than 5 hours each night can become a cause of weight gain. Both can disturb the hormones that control your hunger and appetite.

You Don’t Drink Enough Water

2 to 6 cups of plain water taken every day can help in losing extra pounds. Water has zero calories, hence it satisfies your thirst without putting on extra weight.Drinking enough water keeps you away from juices, sodas, or coffee that are packed with sugar. High calories present in sweet drinks are the major cause of big weight gain.

You Wait Too Long to Eat

When you have a long gap between your meals, your metabolism slows down that makes it tough to burn off the calories you had in your next meal. Those extra calories add up to make extra weight. And perhaps you may overeat as you are too hungry. So try taking smaller portions, and eat quite more often.

You Sit All Day

Your TV obsession or desk job can make it tough for you to lose those pesky pounds. When you don’t move your body it loses its ability to know when you have eaten too much, which makes you overeat and put on weight. Even a short exercise break during a day can keep you stay healthy. Get a 10-minute walk around your favorite shows or meeting for three times a day.

You Overdo the Alcohol

Whether you like beer, wine,  or mixed drinks, the calories present in alcohol adds to your daily amount. If you often have more than 3 drinks a day, you are more likely to be overweight or add weight, no matter whichever type of alcohol you consume.Better intake light or moderate drinking, such as a glass of wine along with dinner. That will actually help you in avoiding weight gain.

Stress Gives You Snack Attacks

If you feel stressed, you are more likely to reach out for high-calorie unhealthy food for a quick relief. You will eat whenever you don’t really need the food.

Your Thyroid Is Sluggish

This tiny gland present in front of your throat can lags you behind in your job, making you gain around  5 to 10 extra pounds. Thyroid release hormones which control how your body should break down food the food and your energy level too. If your body doesn’t make enough of those hormones, then it can become pretty hard to shed pounds. You will also feel bloated as your body will hold on too much water and salt. If you feel you have a thyroid problem, consult with your doctor.

You’re Pregnant

Healthy weight gain during pregnancy is a good thing. If you have an average weight of getting pregnant, then it’s good to gain weight between 25 to 35 pounds. Prefer taking whole foods such as veggies,  fruits, grains, and proteins which will nourish you and your baby.

Your Medication

Few medicines you take for health issues can cause weight gain. For example, steroids change your normal metabolism functioning, making you feel hungrier –prompting you to overeat leading to accumulation of extra belly fat. Even the antihistamines drug can cause weight gain. They lower the chemical your body produces to control the appetite, so you might sneeze less but eat more than often.

You’re in Menopause

If you are like most women, you can find your weight gain during menopause. Less muscle mass, changes in your hormones, and little sleep from hot flashes may all lead to gain pounds. If you wake up tired, you are more likely to munch on snacks or nosh for energy boost later in the day. Your genes will also make you more likely to get those  “spare tire.”

Check With Your Doctor

Some health issues can make it really tough to lose weight even if you are doing exercise and have healthy. Your genes also play a vital role in how much you should weigh or where your body accumulate fat. Consult your doctor if you just can’t lose weight. Tests can show if you have any health issue that makes weight loss tough, and you can get drugs or other assistance to overcome it.

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