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Kelly Clarkson Calls Diet Pill Rumors about Her ‘Fake News’

Kelly Clarkson won’t take unfounded rumors sitting down, especially when it is about her recent weight loss that she worked so hard to achieve. The singer and The Voice judge cleared things via her Twitter account, after word reached her that rumors were circulating that she had lost a lot of weight because of unhealthy diet practices, as well as consuming ‘diet pills’.

Clarkson tweeted and called the rumors ‘fake news’, and explained that nothing changed with her diet; she’s eating the same food, except they are made with different ingredients. She also mentioned about not having the time for any fad diets, as well as taking any slimming pills.

The ‘same dishes but made with different ingredients’ Clarkson is referring to, is a diet inspired by Dr. Steven Gundry’s book, The Plant Paradox.  She has in the past attributed her 37-pound weight loss to this particular diet, saying that the weight loss was just a bonus, because she switched to it mainly to improve her overall health.

After giving birth to her youngest son, Clarkson discovered she had an autoimmune disease, as well as thyroid issue that made it hard for her to shed the extra pounds.  She focused on seeking a cure for her health issues, but ended up losing weight as well, because she’s finally eating healthy.

The Plant Paradox is a diet formulated by Dr. Gundry to cut back the body’s lectin production, because too much of it can harm the body.  Apparently lectins, which Dr. Gundry calls ‘toxic chemical compounds are produced when eating specific vegetables and fruits. The Plant Paradox is still what keeps Clarkson healthy, as well as the reason why she has kept the excess pounds off.  Her weight loss secret, as opposed to the rumors, is because of healthier food choices and not some harmful diet pills.

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