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How To Keep Your Weight Off

Congratulations! After months and years of food portion control, working out, and eating healthy foods, you’ve finally lost your weight! You must be proud that you’ve lost all those fats and you’re now flaunting your amazing figure. Gone are the days where you dreaded shopping because there’s no available clothing perfectly fitting you. Finally, you can try on those clothes you’ve wanted to wear for years! Life must be great and too good to be true now, right?

However, just because you’ve lost weight and you met your goal, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of your journey. You should realize by now that weight loss and healthy lifestyle is a lifetime process. This is just the beginning of another journey. If you think that losing weight is difficult, keeping it off can be even more challenging. Some of our dieters dread more the thought what to do after they’ve lost weight. What if they gain that weight they’ve lost? How can they keep it off?  If you’re one of these anxious dieters, here’s what you can do to keep your motivation and your weight off.

Switch Your Workout to a Pleasurable One

Go Out and Trekk With Your Friends

Go Out and Trek With Your Friends

If your previous workout has been very tiring and exhausting when you were still losing weight, then it’s time for you to try other workouts. This is the time where you don’t need to pressure yourself any more of losing weight so you need to take it easy.  For now, you can relax and just think of a workout or activity that you love and enjoy. Do you enjoy swimming? Why don’t you try switching your workout instead of running?

Do you love to do outdoor activities such as trekking or camping? It’s time for you to invite your friends and go out for a trip. The key here is to make yourself physically active as much as possible. Do the things you enjoy and you won’t stress about keeping your weight anymore since not only you’re exercising, but also you’re enjoying your workout. And since you’ve lost those fats now, why don’t you try an intense workout like CrossFit? This will help make your body stronger and fitter.

You Can Now Eat Any Food In Moderation

Eat in Moderation

Eat in Moderation

Now that you don’t have to worry too much about your weight, you now have the freedom to eat the foods you love! However, be mindful that you need to practice food portion control over it. Otherwise, you’ll end up gaining the weight you’ve had back then. We recommend you to use a small plate when eating your favorite foods. This way, you only get to eat small portions of sweets, desserts, and carbs without worrying about wrecking your weight loss. If you are attending family gatherings or occasions, don’t hold back from eating what you like or love. Just remember to eat in moderation and you should be fine.

Rest As much As You Can

Get a Good Night Sleep and Rest

Get a Good Night Sleep and Rest

No matter how much you work out and diet in order to keep your weight off, all of your efforts will be futile if your body doesn’t get enough rest. That’s why as much as possible, we advise you to get a good night sleep. Since you don’t need to wake up early anymore just to take your morning walk or run, maximize that extra time to get a good sleep.  Having a proper sleep helps restore your body’s strength as you prepare to face another day tomorrow. Not only that, but it’s also the perfect time for your body to heal and repair your cells.

Join a Support Group

The Group That Lose Weight Together, Stay Healthy Together

The Group That Lose Weight Together, Stay Healthy Together

Now that you’ve lost weight, we encourage you to join a support group. Joining a support group will help you in a way that you can find friends who’ve lost weight like you. You can gain their insights and tips on how to keep it off. Aside from that, you can also find purpose and fulfillment when you try to help those other members who are struggling with losing weight. Be an inspiration and a model for the others to follow your path. Believe us when we say that you’ll be more than motivated to stay healthy and fit because you’re also an inspiration to others.

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