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Celebrity Fitness Trainers On Instagram You Need to Follow

We know how hard it is. Looking at all these in-shape actors and actresses and wishing that we looked like them too. Lucky for us, Instagram exists. And on Insta, are these amazing personal trainers who have star clientele and will give you oodles of inspiration to get off that couch and get in shape. Start following already!

Mary Helen Bowers @balletbeautiful

Once a dancer with New York City Ballet, Mary was instrumental in training actress Natalie Portman for her role in the movie Black Swan. With the Ballet Beautiful program, she wants to endorse ballet-inspired fitness and hopes that it will become more mainstream. Celebs like Miranda Kerr, Zooey Deschanel, Doutzen Kroes and Lily Aldridge have come to her to get a more svelte figure. Just going trough her Insta page makes us want to buy a tutu and ballet shoes!

Gunnar Peterson @gunnarfitness

Gunnar Petersonhas an important job. To keep the Kardashian sister’s derrières in shape, as also maintain the curves of Ciara and Jennifer Lopez. Having 20+ years of professional experience in the fitness industry, Peterson is an encyclopedia of innovative and novel fitness techniques that you can see for yourself on his feed.

Anna Kaiser @annamkaiser

Petite Anna Kaiser trains celebrities like Kelly Ripa, Sofia Vergara, Sarah Jessica Parker and Shakira, and uses her unique method of sculpting and dance to burn calories. Her AKT In Motion studio makes sure that her clients follow her rigorous dance routines, which is a combination of cardio, core strengthening, Pilates and yoga.

David Kirsch @davidkirsch

He is known as the ‘derrière guy’, and you can guess why. With hot celebs like, Heidi Klum, Liv Tyler and Kate Upton seeking his guidance, he’s in demand for his multi-tasking workouts that focus on a holistic approach involving nutrition. David’s Instagram feed is full of workout videos, quotes and healthy meal ideas. And those come free!

Astrid McGuire @asmfit

Being a former model, Astrid McGuire knows how to look good, while taking care of her body and feeling good too. After playing coach to fellow models, she entered the fitness industry teaching at Barry’s Bootcamp where she was extremely popular. Stacey Keibler, Jessica Alba and Julianne Hough have her to thank for their in-shape bods.

Justin Gelband @modelfit

As a cofounder of ModelFIT, Gelband hobnobs with his celeb clients such as Chrissy Teigen, Karlie Kloss, Candice Swanepoel and many of the leggy Victoria’s Angels. On his social media handle, you’ll find workouts that include BOSU balls, resistance bands, ankle weights to build lean muscle and even trampolines!

Danny Musico @dannymusico

Danny has won the World Boxing Championship, not once, but twice! And it’s not surprising that Jessica Simpson, Justin Bieber and Hilary Swank come to him to sweat some at his famed ring. Just looking at his fierce-looking insta images should be enough to inspire you to kick and punch your way to your dream bod.

Ashley Borden @ashleybordenfitness

Workout moves, client successes, and cute manicures dominate Ashley Borden’s Instagram feed. She is in charge of making hot celebrity clients become ever hotter. Think Ryan Gosling, Reese Witherspoon, Christina Aguilera and Kesha.

Holly Perkins @hollyperkins

In a world that thinks women are to0 frail to lift, let Holly Perkins be your guiding light. Howard Stern and Adrian Grenier are her star clients, so she knows how to keep the boys on their toes, and not just keep up with them. Strength training moves dominate her social media pages, which will inspire you to work on building and sculpting lean muscle. And her huge collection of vivid-hued sneakers will surely make you feel bright and positive!

Ben Bruno @benbrunotraining

If you follow Kate Upton, you would have seen her lift weights like it’s nobody’s business. Well, you have Ben to thank for that, as Kate was very hesitant about lifting weights at first. And now she can compete with the pros! Also training model Angel Barbara Fialho and Chelsea Handler, Ben shares his weight training moves via video… the very same ones he uses on his star clients.

Don Brooks @donamatrixtraining

Don has appeared on an episode of everyone’s guilty pleasure TV show, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, when he made the famous sisters go through one of his high intensity training sessions. He also trains Fergie and Kanye West, among others, using a Don-A-Matrix method with strength-building moves and high-intensity intervals. His arm moves, particularly, are great to keep flab away from these areas.

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