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How Can ‘Smart’ Snacks Make It Easier for You to Maintain Weight?

 Smarter Snacks

Weight Maintenance Plans Will Not Be Damaged If You Decide to Have Smarter Snacks.

After you have finally achieved your objective of losing weight, you will be left with another problem which you must deal appropriately. Maintaining your weight at the desired level will gain precedence and make it necessary for you to prepare smarter snacks which will not damage your Weight Maintenance plan. 

You could be struck by a snack attack in the afternoon or during the late night TV session which could send you in search of the snacks you are craving for. When you decide to snack mindlessly, you can put on the pounds faster than believed. It is for these reasons that you should have a list of ‘smart’ snacks which can be used whenever the snack attack hits you.

‘Smart’ Snacks Should Be Your Best Friends

It may seem like a small indulgence but snacks which are unhealthy can add up fast. Dietitians from the Houston Northwest Medical Center have provided some healthy suggestions which can help in satisfying your urge for snacks while preventing the weight from coming back all over again. What are the suggestions provided by the medical center?

Finding Smarter Snacks According to The Desired Taste

If you are craving for something sweet or creamy you are advised to try some fruit, sugar-free pudding or light yogurt. Graham crackers or apple slices with some peanut butter will satisfy your craving if it is on the saltier side.

Proteins Can Prove Helpful

It will be beneficial to include proteins when you consider snacking. You can opt for Apple with peanut butter or alternatively choose string cheese and crackers. The proteins you ingest will keep you full longer and will remove some of the edges from the hunger pangs.

Diary Must Not Be Forgotten

If you are considering to keep your weight, you should also include products like yogurt and string cheese if you intend to succeed in your objective. Studies conducted on a group of 338 men and women that were trying to maintain their body weight, has proven that the individuals who had three servings or more of dairy every day, managed to hold their body weight while the individuals who avoided these products showed a tendency to gain weight.

Plan Your ‘Smart’ snacks

 Smarter Snacks

Some Planning Is Essential When Stocking Smarter Snacks In Your Pantry.

When trying to lose weight or maintain it, you will need to plan your snacks and some self-knowledge can help you immensely. You must understand that you can do certain things in moderation without holding the belief that having a chocolate bar every day can be considered moderate.

Understanding the threshold of your temptation

It is essential to understand the kind of self-control you can exercise when you are close to the snacks you crave the most. Many people have the ability to stock chocolates at home and avoid having them all together but some also find themselves gorging on them frequently. The better choice would be not to keep the snacks which are tempting either at home or in the office.

Having Five or More Servings of Fruits and Vegetables a Day Will Prove Helpful in Weight Maintenance.

Choose Healthier options 

It is acknowledged that people who have five or more servings of fruits and vegetables every day are the most successful in achieving weight loss or weight maintenance. You should consider items like grapes, celery sticks, baby carrots, apples or other vegetable treats which will prove to be smarter snacks for maintaining weight. Broths and soups can also be good snacks as long as they don’t have a cream base.

Have a game plan for the vending machine

The best diet plans can go awry and lead you to the vending machine located at your office despite your best intentions to avoid it. It is the job of the vending machine to grab your attention but if you remember your choice of having smarter snacks, you can choose products which have some protein in them such as peanut butter crackers or pretzels instead of a chocolate bar or the M&Ms.

You will need to exercise some willpower and be prepared with some advanced planning to beat the snack attack by having some smarter snacks instead of products which could potentially lead you to weight gain.

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