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Stunning Female Stars of the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s

They were the true goddesses that kept us staring at both the big and small screen from the 70’s through the 90’s, mesmerized by their beauty and talent. Now, decades later, we are still captivated enough by them to wonder what they are up to now. Some have obviously hit it big in the genetic lottery as they remain beautiful without any need of plastic surgery, while other’s faces show the influence of the bad life choices they made, developing issues of drug addiction and alcoholism. Not only that, some have managed to keep their net worth, while some ended up filing for bankruptcy. Read on to find out where your favorite female stars at this point in their lives.

Sally Field – Now 73 years old

Sally Field became a bona fide star in the 60’s after starring in Gidget. She then moved on to become an Academy Award-winning actress after her stunning performance in Norma Rae. She’s still one of the most respected actresses in Hollywood today with a large net worth to boot. Even at the age of 73 Sally Field is occasionally spotted by camera lens at Hollywood’s various gatherings and her fans absolutely adore her.

Morgan Fairchild – Now 70 years old

Morgan Fairchild was only a stunt double for Faye Dunaway in Bonnie and Clyde when she started out in the industry. However, it wasn’t long before producers started to take notice of her, and she landed bigger and better acting jobs, including her best-known role in Dallas. Although she still acts to this day, she is more focused on working with charities that revolve around on the issue of HIV and AIDS and making a great contribution to what a star owes to the community.

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