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Hollywood’s Favorite Couples Show Us Once Again That True Love Can Overcome Everything

Hollywood is known for doomed marriages and expensive divorces which result in millions of dollars being spent on divorce settlements. But one trend we’ve noticed is that successful marriages, more often than not, seem to work out until the very end. The pairings shown below are just some examples of the many couples who have been married for many years, have children together, and are living normal family lives. Of course, having a lot of money surely helps, but it’s not the only component which makes their marriage work. Unfortunately, while some give us couple goals, others ended on a bitter note, teaching us what not to do while in a committed relationship.

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes – 9 years

White American actor Ryan Gosling and Cuban-American actress Eva Mendes’s love story is actually pretty simple. They met for the first time on set while working on the famous drama series The Place Beyond The Pines and started dating shortly afterward. The two have been dating off and on since 2011, and only time can tell if we’ll hear wedding bells anytime soon. Ryan and Eva may be of different races, but the media has never noticed any misunderstandings between them. This lovely couple shares two adorable daughters: five-year-old Esmeralda and three-year-old Amada.

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