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Famous People Who Died In 2020 – May They Rest In Peace

We all are aware that life is mortal, but despite that, accepting the fact has always been tough, especially while bidding a final goodbye to our favorite celebrities. The year 2020, specifically, has distanced us from some of the most loved people around the globe.

From losing the basketball wonder Kobe Bryant to someone as iconic as the Hollywood favorite Kirk Douglas, the pain has been tremendous. While some lived a long and fulfilling life, others departed a bit too soon, but one thing is the same – they all left a void that’s too big to fill in!

Max Von Sydow – 90 | $12 Million

The role of ‘Three-Eyed Raven’ played by Max von Sydow in Game of Thrones is one of the highly appreciated characters of all time, but the veteran actor didn’t give life to just this one. His collaboration with Swedish director-writer Ingmar Bergman resulted in several successful films like The Seventh Seal, Hour of the Wolf, and Wild Strawberries, to name a few.

Unfortunately, Sydow left all his glory and wealth behind when he departed from this world at the age of 90. He may not be around anymore, but his extraordinary performances on the screen will keep inspiring the cinematic world for years to come.

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