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28 Jaw-Dropping Celebrity Private Jets & Yachts

Money may not buy happiness – but it sure can buy a few things that will. So, while we average folks can argue that an average-sized bank account is not a death sentence, we know that being a trust fund baby can’t hurt either. The lifestyle of the rich and famous gives credence to this fact. From deluxe houses, fancy cars, to the frequent lavish shopping, there is no end to the pockets of happiness they can acquire on a whim. But for those swimming in affluence, spending money on first-class transport is almost ways a necessity. So, while we are left contemplating debt relief and pondering all our life choices, these celebrities have mastered the intricate art of living it up! So how about a look at the yachts and private jets of the world’s elite? After all, it is said that we are what we see (or something like that).

Matthew McConaughey – Bombardier Global 7000, Estimated $72.8 Million

Leading Hollywood Texan, Matthew McConaughey has been topping charts for as long as we can remember – and our favorite onscreen heartthrob certainly deserves a luxurious life on account of the many times he has delivered heartwarming performances. So his $72.8-million Bombardier Global 7000 private jet is simply an embodiment of his dividends of labor.  With an investment like that, bankruptcy is surely not in sight.

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