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Weird Things That Can Happen To Your Skin When You Age

 Weird Things

Aging And Lack of Proper Skin Care Can Make Weird Things Happen To Your Skin.

Aging process does not just make you look older but also makes your skin susceptible to weird things which may cause all kinds of concerns in your mind. Your skin changes with time and usually,  the difference will become visible to you before you reach in your 40s. We are looking at some of the weirdest things which in many cases may seem harmless but can turn into serious conditions if they are not treated when observed.

However, some of the weird things we are talking about may not be a problem at all, but you must make an attempt to understand whether it is just a passing development or needs attention from a qualified medical personnel. Some of these weird things also have the potential to develop into cancer and therefore, getting the necessary treatment will become essential for the individual.

Actinic Keratosis

 Weird Things

Actinic Keratosis Is Caused by Ultraviolet Rays From The Sunlight Or Even from Man-Made Sources Such As A Tanning Bed.

Ultraviolet rays, either from the sunlight or from man-made sources such as a tanning bed, can cause raised crusty growths which would be referred to as actinic keratosis. People who develop this condition in every likelihood would have multiple growths on their skin. They can usually be red in color but in some cases, they could be colored tan or pink.

A doctor must be contacted immediately as the spots are noticed because they can turn into cancer if left untreated. The doctor may suggest a cream or remove them by using surgical procedures. Freezing them or burning them off may also be considered.

Seborrheic Keratosis

 Weird Things

Brown And Tan Spots From Seborrheic Keratosis Can Appear On Any Part of the Body After The Middle Age.

Spots from Seborrheic Keratosis can appear on the body after the middle age and they are usually brown or tan in color. People can have more than one spot on their skin. These spots are usually harmless but can appear as pre-cancer spots or even skin cancer. Therefore, a visit to the doctor becomes important for a checkup. Treatment in most cases is not necessary for many individuals but the doctor may consider removing them if they are causing concerns or even to test them for cancer cells.

Age Spots

Age spots are also referred to as liver spots and are small dark patches which appear on the skin which is usually exposed to sunlight. People over the age of 50 will find these spots on their face, hands, shoulders, and arms. However, younger people can also develop these spots especially if they are spending a lot of time in the sunlight.

No treatment is required for these spots unless the doctor decides to take a sample to ensure it is not cancer. The doctor can lighten the sports with the use of bleaching products or even remove them if you decide to do so. Using sunscreen and avoiding the sun is the best way to prevent age spots.

Cherry Angioma

 Weird Things

Cherry Angioma Is Not Harmful But Can Bleed If They Are Hit Or Scraped.

Cherry Angioma can make its presence felt in the form of red bumps or growths on any part of the body but, it is common to notice them near the chest, back, and belly. These bumps are not painful but may bleed if they are scraped or get hit. They are usually not harmful but, if you don’t like the appearance of them, you can get your doctor to remove them with a laser.

Skin Tags

Sometimes, small flaps of tissue can begin to hang from the skin by a growth which is similar to a stalk. They usually appear on the chest, neck, back, armpits and around the groin. These skin tags are not dangerous but can definitely irritate you when clothes and jewelry come into contact with them. If they are bothersome and you contact a doctor for a remedy, he or she may decide to use electric current or laser to burn the skin tags, freeze them or even cut them off.

Solar Elastosis

Damage caused by the sun from long-term exposure can change the color of the skin to yellow and even lead to bumps and ridges. This is a common problem among all people regardless of the skin tone they have but becomes obvious to people with light skin. The bumps appear worse when the individual is in a lighted area. Just the top layer of the skin gets affected by the sun but the deeper damage is caused by tobacco smoke. People who are already suffering from this condition should give up smoking and also remain out of the sun. They should be making extra efforts to protect themselves from sunlight.

The list of weird things which can happen to your skin as you age is long and will probably cause concerns in your mind about the kind of treatment you need to undergo to maintain the appearance of your skin. However, these are common problems which affect numerous people, especially the ones who do not take proper care of their skin when they are younger.

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