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Victoria Principal is Switching Her Focus from Skincare to Philantrophy

Victoria Principal is closing an old chapter in her life as she opens up a new one. The actress recently announced that she is bowing out of her skincare line called Principal Secret, so she can focus on her philanthropic work.

Principal is most notable for portraying Pamela Barnes Ewing in the hit soap opera show, Dallas. She became a familiar face on television because the show became long-running, with Principal staying on for 9 years. The actress left in 1987 to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities.  First, Principal established the Victoria Principal Productions, her own production company. Next, she founded her own skincare line after natural beauty therapies caught her interest.

However,  Principal recently announced that after 28 years of being the Founder and President of Principal Secret, she has decided to step down so she can give her philanthropic endeavors more time. Aside from the companies she has built,  Principal also started The Victoria Principal Foundation for Thoughtful Existence.  The veteran actress has been involved in the environmental movement since the late 1970s, and the charitable organization she has built aims to support this movement.  Principal has always been vocal about her concerns about saving the planet and the living things on it.

When the actress said The Victoria Principal Foundation for Thoughtful Existence is involved in saving our planet and its inhabitants, she meant that.  It helps in rescuing and rehabilitating animals,  and it raised money money to help people affected by the California wildfires in 2007, as well as the cleanup effort in the Gulf Coast region.

But the cause that’s probably closest to her heart is the rescue work her foundation does for animals.  Principal has rescued a variety of animals, from dogs to sea lions. Transferring the reins of Principal Secret to her business partner, Guthy Ranker, will allow Principal to devote more time to her foundation.

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