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Tired Of Acne Marks? Here’s How You Can Get Rid Of It Using Oils

Acne can be caused by many things. It can either be because of dirt, puberty, or hormones and no matter where they came from, it’s always unpleasant when our skin breaks-out. There are just times that acne hurts and scars so bad that it’s almost impossible to love our skin. Life is not perfect but that doesn’t mean that we have to stop looking for ways to make our acne go away.

Choose cold-pressed oil to ensure quality

The hunt for the best skin care product will always be a woman’s (and also man) one of many tasks in life. This industry will always be at its peak knowing that someone out there is experiencing a bad acne phase. We try so hard and put all these products on our faces not knowing that those, too, can cause our breakouts.

Many bloggers and beauty influencers are trying this au naturel routine that is proven effective. Here’s a quick guide to this promising cleansing method that is inexpensive and totally safe.

Oil Cleansing Method

In basic chemistry, there is a principle that likes dissolve likes. Another concept of dissolving agents is that the non-polar solvents like oil will only get dissolved by another non-polar agent. These principles give a clear explanation why the oil cleansing method works.

Our acne is caused by the impurities and facial oils that hardened underneath our skin. By using oil, we slowly dissolve those impurities and we can achieve a cleaner facial skin. We have to use the right types of oil according to our skin type to achieve the best results.


First of all, we are not going to use cooking oils. There are many types of oils and that includes carrier oils, cooking oils, and essential oils.

Aside from the OCM, oils are also very good for our skin and hair

In an oil cleansing method, one of the most basic and a staple ingredient is castor oil. This will target the inflammation on and underneath our skin. This is widely available in supermarkets and drugstores.

There are many store-bought oil cleansers that work wonders on our skin, although most people who go for this method will mix their own cleansers based on their skin types. There is no harm in DIY-ying, as long as we make sure that the oils we buy are of high quality.

Oil Mixing

For every cleanser we do, castor oil should become the base of everything. The other oils will just be optional and should be followed according to our skin type.

Oily, acne-prone skin

For people with oily skin, castor oil should be 2/3 of the ingredients when mixed with any oil high in linoleic acid. These oils include tea tree, grape seed, and apricot seed oil. So these oils should be the 1/3 of the cleanser we are going to concoct.

Dry skin

Since castor oil is very thick, tendencies are it can be drying on our skin, which is why it the mixture for this skin type should only have 1/3 of castor oil and 2/3 of oils high in oleic acid. Oleic acid is good for sealing moisture on our skin, giving us that more glowing look. Oils high in oleic acid include safflower, olive, and sunflower oil.


We all want products that will reverse the clock, especially when it shows physically. So for those who want to have a younger-looking skin, oil cleansing has also an answer for that. Use equal parts of castor and oils high in anti-oxidant. These oils include rosehip, argan, and jojoba oils.

Oil Cleansing Steps

Damp a washcloth using hot water to wipe off the oil from the skin

First, we have to prepare our mixtures for faster process. Then, we have to wet our face with warm water. This will help open up our pores so that the oils can work its way into our skin. There is no need to take off makeup when doing this method since oils are very good makeup removers. We have to massage our face with the oil for 2 minutes in a circular and upward motion. After the 2 minutes, we have to leave it for another 30 seconds before rinsing it off with hot water. Since hot water can be very harsh on our skin, trying using a washcloth to remove the oil. Leave the damp washcloth for 10-15 seconds and repeat the process until the oil is all wiped off.

Having breakouts for the first week is normal. Those pimples are the hardened sebum and oil that’s been staying underneath our skin. Expect a fairer complexion 3-4 weeks after doing the oil cleansing method.

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