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These Natural Foods Give You Amazing Hair, Skin and Nails

Man is a narcissistic being and every one of us would want to project a vibrant glowing healthy image before the world. Before indulging on self-indulgent treatments like a hair wash and blowout, or on expensive salons for facials, manicures and pedicures, it would be wise to invest on ensuring that your hair, nails and skin remain healthy. Eating healthy foods and achieving an ideal nutrition mix goes a long way toward improving your skin, hair and nails and that too, without depleting much money from your wallet. Off to the local grocery store or supermarket with you, and don’t forget to grab these 12 essential super-foods.

Six Foods That Benefit Hair and Nails

Nails and hair are built by keratin, a protein base , and both require similar nutrition to grow and thrive. This following list of foods is hence, essential for both:

Organic Chicken

The basic dinner staple may not thrill taste buds, but is great for your nails and hair. Some diligent internet-based research reveals excellent tasty chicken recipes. Chicken is universally appealing and comes packed with iron and protein. And seven grams of protein in just an ounce of chicken boosts the keratin in nails and hair to thrive. Both would need sufficient iron laden blood supply for sustained growth. Those who suffer from iron deficiency would easily notice the negative side effects with lifeless hair and brittle nails. Though meat continues to be one of the best sources of iron, chicken too provides a healthy dose of iron.


For nail and hair rejuvenation, chicken is great but what can a vegetarian do? Look no further as just a half block of tofu can supply you with the same amount of proteins as 3 ounces of chicken would (22 grams), which is a substantial amount of your daily intake of iron, about one-third of it. Tofu is cheaper and blends easily taking on the taste from any marinade you soak it in. Even if you are neither vegetarian nor vegan, adding tofu to your regular diet is a good way to add protein diversity and variety.


Tofu’s texture may not appeal to everyone and for a better protein packed bite, cook up some lentils for your next meal. These colorful legumes are high protein and iron rich, for the 22 grams of protein in half a cup of uncooked lentils makes up one-third of your day-to-day iron intake, besides providing a tasty meat substitute in meatballs, burgers, tacos, and our favorite Bolognese sauces.


B-vitamin biotin thickens hair and nails and biotin exists in many foods naturally. Egg yolks contain both biotin and protein essential for strong nails and hair.


On sushi nights, never skip the soybean edamame, which is a rich plant-based protein source and contains an amino acid named cysteine, that is basically keratin’s building block.


Adults should consume milk as our bones begin deteriorating in our 20’s while. Its helps that cereal and milk taste real good. Each glass of milk contains 8 gms. of cysteine. If you happen to be lactose-intolerant, try a2 milk or Lactaid.

Six Foods for a Glowing Skin

Your skin is exposed to continued stress, sun and pollutants but some nutrients help nature restore the balance. Research on skin is one area of renewed concern with much research being conducted on foods that heal:

Wheat Germ

A cocktail of vitamins C and E protects skin from UV damage and only 2 tablespoons of wheat germ contains about 15% of our daily intake of vitamin E. It blends with smoothies, baked goods and oatmeal.

Sunflower Butter

45% of the daily vitamin E is provided by two tablespoons of sunflower seed butter which is allergen friendly and protects skin from damage due to free-radicals from UV rays. Sunscreen application helps the exterior but sunflower butter strengthens skin cells internally.

Yellow and Green Bell Peppers

Peppers contain more vit. C than Oranges! Green and yellow vegetables, like bell peppers decrease inevitable wrinkles in the area called crow’s feet near the eyes as revealed by a study on Japanese women.


A cup of pineapple pulp contains 131% of the recommended daily intake of Vitamin C essential for skin health, aids in collagen production, reducing UV rays impact on the skin, minimizing and healing scarring. Bonus: Pineapples have an enzyme called bromelain which reduces inflammation and swelling.

Brazil Nuts

These nuts provide selenium, which protects our skin against UV damage and also promotes healthy hair and nails.

Fatty Fish

The many benefits of consuming fatty fish are confirmed for the heart and mind while non-melanoma skin cancer can be kept at bay with the omega-3 fatty acids present in it. Adding salmon, mackerel or tuna to your daily diet and avoiding farm-bred fishes are a great way to meet your daily quota of omega-3s.

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