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Meet The Best Skin Care Guru In New York

Most people are very sensitive and particular when it comes to their skin. Aside from being the largest organ in our body, it’s also the most visible one. It’s the first thing that we notice on other people and it naturally leaves an impression on the person we met. However, our skin is also sensitive and must be protected at all times because it’s our first line of defense against infections and diseases. That’s why we must protect and preserve its natural glow and health at all costs.

This prompts us to buy several skin care products to protect our skin from dirt, dust, UV light rays. If we’re quite lucky and have extra money, we undergo a skincare spa to treat our skin. Even more so if you’re rich and can afford to go further, then you’ll want to have your skin treated with the best dermatologists in your state. Well, if you’re one of those people who want to get the best skin care treatment, then you might be interested in this Best Skin Care Guru in New York.

This Skin Care Guru is the Most Sought Dermatologist in New York

Danuta Mieloch Is The Most Sought Out Skin Care Guru

Danuta Mieloch Is The Most Sought Out Skin Care Guru

What’s ironic about this statement is that this dermatologist left New York City. Skincare guru Danuta Mieloch left NYC after she spent years of tending the skin and pores of popular fashionistas and public figures in New York. When she finally decided to set up her permanent place and open a dedicated shop, that’s the time when she decided to leave NYC, in favor of Philadelphia. However, instead of anticipating a significant decline of customers in her shop, especially since she started her business and name in Philly, what she received was astounding. Instead, her loyal New Yorker customers were willing to take the 1 hour and 30 minutes commute to get their best skin treatment. The New Yorkers are even convincing Danuta to open up a Rescue Spa branch in New York. That’s how in-demand she is!

Danuta Became the Most Sought Skin Care Guru in New York

Danuta Has to Open a Branch in New York Due to Popular Demand

This High Surge of Demand Prompts Danuta, the Skin Care Guru, to Setup a Satellite Branch in New York

Danuta' Rescue Spa Shop

Danuta’ Rescue Spa Shop

All throughout the winter season, Danuta was busy establishing her Rescue spa in the neighborhood district of New York, the Flatiron District. The location was also a good strategic move because the spa shop was beside the infamous abcV, veggie restaurant. It’s where most of Danuta customers resided. The spa offers a variety of skin care services such as manicures, blowouts, body and massage treatments, Rescue’s bestselling lifting facial treatment. The shop also offers some of the bestselling French skincare Brands like Biologique Recherche that her customers surely love. Aside from the physical shop, Danuta also launched a Rescue Spa website in order for her customers to order online products. Some of the best-selling products you can find on the site are milk cleanser that costs around $33, brewer’s yeast mask for only $70, and the 5 oz p50 1970 for only $67. The only way you can purchase these products in the US though is through Danuta’s website.

Danuta Noticed a Big Difference Between her New Yorker and Philadelphian Customers

The skincare guru noticed that her customers have different preferences. Say, for example, the best-selling skin care treatment for smaller cities in Philadelphia is Rescue’s Bio-Lift facial, which costs around $200 for an hour session, it isn’t the same with New Yorkers. The most requested service in Gothamites, on the other hand, is a Fix it all facial treatment, which is only a 90-minute session for $300.The latter treatment already includes skin care services like gentle peels, microdermabrasion, massage, brightening light and microcurrent therapy.

Danuta Has an Advice for Her Customers to Allow Skin Care Maintenance

She Has an Advice for Her Customers to Allow Skin Care Maintenance

While Danuta is glad that her services and expertise somehow help her clients maintain their skin care, she also encourages her own customers to do the maintenance by themselves. She recommended lessening the usage of too many skin care oils since it causes more breakouts. She reiterated that excessive oil can turn your skin rancid. The skincare guru also wanted to emphasize the environment we’re living in. No matter how much we put skin care products on our face and body, it will be rendered useless if our environment is polluted. She recommends that you keep your house and area clean as possible to avoid blackheads and acne. If possible, wash your face twice. First, with water to cleanse the dirt and the next one with a skin care product.

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