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Learn These Korean Skin Care Hacks To Retain A Flawless Skin

Korean pop culture has already invaded different countries. Even their TV series are very much admired by the viewers. Their fandom grew not only due to their upbeat and catchy music or their interesting storylines but also for how good they look on and off screen. This has something to do with their porcelain skin!

Korean stars, observed by many, look even better as they age. Age is just a number, right? Have you ever wondered how they keep their skin smooth and flawless? It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan or not, you wouldn’t be able to resist the 12 Korean Skin Beauty secrets you should know and yes, Barley tea will be your best friend after reading this article.


Try giving yourself a face steam massage when having a shower. Every block in South Korea has a skin clinic that offers a facial massage affordable as your manicure. Massages in circular motions and tapping in rotating from your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are recommended to create a dewy complexion as well as to increase the circulation. You may also add an oil cleanser to maximize the hydration of your skin.


In South Korea, sheet masks are as common as buying a Kleenex. Use a charcoal mask for your face and let it sit on for 15-20 minutes while relaxing at home.


One of the must-try Korean secrets is applying a facial essence between the layers of moisturizer. A lot of women in Korea believe that daily cleansing can be even more sealed by these essences.  They are mild, and their solutions are filled with nutrients. Then, add a serum, and another moisturizer to give your skin maximum hydration and elasticity to your skin.


Have you ever rolled out of bed and thought of hiding all your faces imperfection? The Korean blurring trick would suit you. This is using a combination of products that covers these imperfections with a makeup brush. Use an air- cushion foundation to blur whatever you wanted to hide like a pro.


Sleeping is the Best Time to Restore Your Cells

Sleeping is the Best Time to Restore Your Cells

Use a sleeping mask overnight. When asleep, your cells work hard at cell recovery. This is also the best time to moisturize and work on your tired complexion. Do this to correct your skin’s dullness.


Have you ever noticed that when your lip color is enhanced, your complexion will also look vibrant and younger? A good product is the Dior Addict Lip Glow Color Awakening Lip Balm. Why? It adjusts to your lips’ individual chemistry and makes them radiant. It smells even more amazing with wild mango as one of its moisturizing ingredients.


Lip Tint Helps Protect Your Lips from Cracking

Lip Tint Helps Protect Your Lips from Cracking

They don’t only slide onto your lips but also give a sheer pop of color without feeling sticky. A lot of women love Julep since it has a blend of rosehip and avocado oils, but also the Korean Camellia oil.


Ever been in a Korean restaurant and tasted a nutty tea? That’s probably the roasted Barley Tea. This tea is given to Korean babies for their skin and overall well-being. It is known to be rich in antioxidants and improves the circulation of the blood. It could even contribute to losing weight.


AMPOULE Helps Repair Your Skin in a Short Period of Time

AMPOULE Helps Repair Your Skin in a Short Period of Time

The Ampoule is like the serum on steroids. It contains a high concentration to rebalance, repair, and recharge the cells in a short time. In a pinky-sized vial, apply a few drops of the said fluid to treat dullness, acne, and hyperpigmentation.


Try practicing mouth stretches like saying A-E-I-O-U.  Repeat these words three times. This seems silly to you but a lot of women believes that this could improve the circulation and brightens the complexion.


Before any more thoughts go in your head, this is one of Gwyneth Paltrow’s secret. Try steaming your intimate part by sitting naked on a stool above a steaming pot of water that is open-seated. The steaming pot of water contains aromatic and medicinal herbs. Sit above it for 30-45 minutes to cleanse, help with fertility and balance hormonal levels. There is too much pressure when working in the Korean industry. Some of them are even bred and groomed by their elders to eat, wash, and take good care of their skin. It’s a part of their culture. Not really the products but more on the methods and techniques of preserving the skin. But there would always be days where all that can be a quick fix. Which would you like to try?

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