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Hugh Jackman Reveals Why He Refuses to Go Shirtless at the Beach Anymore

Hugh Jackman has been a manly man in all aspects of his life. When he advises you to slather on some sunscreen, you better listen! The Wolverine star recently shared a picture on Instagram showing him shielded from his head all the way to his toes, while vacationing at an ethereal tropical destination. Though looking like the ultimate dork that day on the beach, skin cancer detections have forced Jackman to visit the dermatologist on many occasions.

A basal cell carcinoma…. Jackman wrote in 2017 for the caption of a photo he posted on Instagram. In the image he posted, Jackman shares a post-operative photo with a bandage on his nose, from which a chunk was removed for good measure. It’s essential that Jackman is checked out regularly, as the good people at Center for Disease Control and Prevention warn: Men, especially ones with a fairer complexion, are more prone to getting skin cancer, including melanomas – absolutely the worst type of skin cancer.

In fact, the most common kind of cancer in the US is skin cancer and it causes about 9,000 deaths every year. Men are exposed to the sun more, spending more time outside throughout their lifetime, and do more outdoorsy work. Women’s daily personal care products, such as moisturizer and even makeup, often contains sunscreen, which most products for men don’t. Out of all the American men spending upwards of an hour outdoors, only 14% of men use any sort of sunscreen on their body and face.

Don’t worry that much, as to shield yourself from most kinds of skin cancer, follow what Wolverine does when he is out while its sunny: “Cover Up”. To ensure protection, apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes prior to venturing out and reapply every 2 hours, when you sweat or go off for a swim. Which sunscreen to choose depends upon one with UVA and UVB fortification. Keep an eye out for odd freckles, spots, and discolorations all over your skin. If something looks out if the ordinary then visit your doctor like Hugh did, and seek treatment ASAP.

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