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Home Spa: Affordable and All-Natural Skin Care Recipes That You Should Try

Tired and exhausted from work or school? Here we show you how you can experience SPA treatment without going to the SPA. These are DIY spa makeover projects that can surely pamper. Just indulge in each relaxing spa recipe at the comfort of your own home – saving you both time and money, too!


DIY Facial and Body Spa Recipes

DIY all-natural facial mask and scrub for you and your fellas!

Cucumber provides our skin some cooling effect that also soothes, hydrates, and softens the skin. You’ll be amazed how it can give you that natural glow.

Cucumber Mask Recipe

The basic mask: Grab some cucumber from the fridge, peel, take out the seeds, grate, or mash it up. You may cut them into pieces or plop them into the blender for a smoother texture. This makes a cool paste that’s perfect for your face. Apply it on your face using your fingertips gently and in a circular motion. Let it stay for 30 minutes. Then, rinse and pat with a clean towel. You may now apply your fave moisturizer to seal your skin in.

Other options: You may also add some aloe vera gel, or squeeze some lemon juice with banana and honey, or throw in some oatmeal with yogurt and honey, or a sprinkle some almond butter to the basic mask. Any of these should turn your paste in a delightful spa recipe.

Lemon or Apple Salt with Olive Oil Body Scrub and Organic Facial Gray Clays

Rehydrate and whiten your skin with this lemon and salt facial and body scrub!
Squeeze some lemon or apple juice into Epsom (coarse) salt, put in a good amount of olive oil, and sprinkle some chopped herbs like lavender, rosemary, or thyme for an invigorating and relaxing scent. This incredible spa recipe shall give you a rehydrated, smooth, and fresh feeling all day long. Say goodbye to blemishes!

Organic Homemade Facial Clay

Clays are good antiseptic, perfect for nourishing and exfoliating. Gray clay has good amounts of sea minerals that are ideal for those who have sagging, rough, and dehydrated skin. Use 30g of black or gray clay, mix it with almond oil, one egg yolk, drops of your preferred essential oils and oil solutions of vitamins A and E. See your skin unleash its natural beauty!

Calming Lavender, Sugar or Salt and Oil Scrub – Great for Dry and Rough Skin

Prepare some coarse salt or brown sugar, and ample drops of extra virgin olive oil. Mix the duo, grasp some lavender, adjust the proportions, and apply to clean face. Gently scrub onto face in a circular motion (except the eye area). Rinse off and pat dry the face. This will give you a supple and moisturized skin. This organic and fresh facial scrub is best done at nighttime so as to keep your skin highly moisturized.

Practical Tip: It’s cheaper to buy essential oils than to make your own set. So, just grab some from your fave shop and you’ll save lots of time, money, and effort!

Essential or expressed oils to give you some soothing relief and touch. Consider your fave scent, too!

Essential oils and their refreshing or calming blends empower and transform each spa session into a magical experience. These naturally aromatic plant extracts enliven your senses and energize life. So, gently rub some onto your skin at least once or twice a week to rejuvenate.

Rinse your face with organic soaps

These organic soaps have multiple benefits – good for skin detox and replenishment.
All-natural soaps work best in all skin types. These organic blocks cleanse and rejuvenate your skin in no time – giving you lots of skin benefits. The fresh scents and aroma are perfect for that calming and soothing effect!

Perfect for a Spa Slumber Party with the ‘gals’

Fun times with the girls! These pretty ladies are rewarding themselves with some homemade facial mask to help them unleash their real beauty. Pampering sessions like this can be a great way to bond with loved ones and friends. Invite them over to your place, beautify, relax, and have some exciting chitchats.

Outdoor spa massage setting at sunset with candlelight

Have some indoor or outdoor spa party with your loved ones and peeps!

See, rewarding yourself can be as easy as 1-2-3. Why do you need to go to pricey and luxurious spa salons and skin clinic centers if you can indulge in all these spa makeovers in your own homes? These DIY spa projects are sure to hit, perfect for this season!

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