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What Your Face Tells You About Your Health

Peep into a mirror

You are aware of the face peeping back to you through the mirror, take a closer look and you might find out clues about your health – just know what to look for.

Pale Eyes and Skin



These are spots or bumps, usually of dark color. Most of them are usually of fixed size and are nothing to worry about, but if it changes size or uneven, you’ll need to talk to your doctor immediately



Cracked Lips

Dry and cracked lips are everyone’s day to day problem, especially during cold. Usually, lip balms or petroleum jelly is helpful and keeps them moist. But sometimes it can also point to serious health issues like dehydration or an allergic reaction to drugs etc.

Hair in Unusual Places

It can be those unwanted hair growths where you don’t want it. It often happens to men when they get older around the eyebrows and eyes, and around the chin portion to women. Facial hair often troubles the young women which can be a sign of polycystic ovary syndrome, a health issue that makes it harder to get pregnant.

Can’t Move One Side of Your Face

If a look into mirror shows you’re unable to move a part of your face, immediately get medical help. But the lack of other symptoms may usually mean it’s probably Bell’s palsy. It happens a nerve controlling your facial muscles gets pressed or swollen – usually because of a virus. It generally takes time to show up and weakens a side of your face with slight pain in your jaw and behind the ear. It gets better with time.

Facial Paralysis With Other Symptoms


Yellow Spots on Your Eyelids

The raised yellow bumps of fat around your upper and lower eyelids are known as xanthelasma. They are made of cholesterol and are not dangerous or painful and can be easily taken off. Though, you may not like the look of them. They usually indicate that the person is more likely to get heart disease or have a heart attack. It will be good to see your doctor for routine check-ups.

Puffy Eyes




Hair Loss


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