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Everything You Need To Know About Cystic Acne

Coping with hormonal changes and reactions can be tiring but this actress is doing a good job at controlling her hormonal reactions such as blemishes. One of the ugliest spots on the face is cystic acne, especially when it comes in combination with pain. As if acne hasn’t done enough damage already, breakouts will also rear their heads when you least want them, even when you are preparing for an important program or an official meeting.

As for Lucy Hale, she knew what this could mean to an average adult woman, but she’s treating her own just fine. The screen sensation who is famous for her role in ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ opened up about her constant struggles with cystic acne. Her dermatological problems started after she reached her puberty and she said her 21st birthday saw the beginning of her skin abnormalities. However, adults are naturally prone to having blemishes and spots on their skins, as an American journal that did the research on dermatological issues stressed, with a report of 56% women who are 25 and above suffering from acne.

Lucy Hale’s problems with skin started when she reached puberty

However, Hale got herself covered with her spotless skin methods. So here are the life-changing secrets to Lucy’s beautiful skin, and she recommends it to any woman who wishes to enjoy a flawless skin.

Major Causes of Acne

Whitney Bowe is a specialist in the dermatological field who resides in New York. She explains that the three causes of acne are;

a; hormone reactions,

b; bacterial infections,

c; inflammation.

These three factors are the chief carriers of both acne and pimples. When the androgen receptors in women’s hormones are too reactive, the effect is the activation of surplus oily substances from the hormones, and this will result in the cells of the skin becoming stiff, and in turn, block pores and blemishes.

Always be certain that you are truly going through hormonal reactions in the form of acne before doing anything else about it. Try to locate the exact sources of the breakouts: Joshua Zeichner, the director of clinical dermatological studies and cosmetology at one hospital in New York, noted that most times, mature women experience acne beneath the third line on their faces and jaws. Then freckles that spur out before a woman’s period comes or when it’s on is another common pointer.

Most Reliable Ways To Tackle Your Blemishes

Get your OTC cosmetics ready before the breakout appears, and when it finally does, rub your creams on it and ensure the products have at least 2% of hydrocortisone and add benzoyl peroxide with 3.5% scoop, then add salicylic acid of 2%, Dr. Joshua advised. Another reliable method to apply is to get a Neutrogena product called ‘On-The-Spot’ (sold for $8 on, which was specially made for treatment of acne. Avoid picking your pimples or ripping off dead skins, no matter how much you want to do so. The situation will worsen when you do this and it can result in bruises and inflammation.

Best Ways To Prevent Hormonal Acne

Lucy Hale talks cystic acne

The first thing to do is to be clean always, paying particular attention to your skin, to stop the production of fresh cysts. Lucy recommends K-beauty for its magical effects on the skin. K-beauty is formulated with two-way cleansing. Lucy usually begins her cleansing rituals with the oil called DHC Oil (sold for $26 on, then she would top it with Restorsea Reviving Cleanser (sold for $65 on restore website). According to Lucy, cleansing oils are good for oily skins because they have more power to scrap off abundant oils, even effectively than a water-based cleanser. The best explanation to give to this is that oil blends easily with oil, while water repulses oil and vice versa.

Try To Avoid Stressful Situations As Much As Possible

It’s very important for you to watch your ways of living. When too much stress is common in your life, it will tell on your skin. Stress can affect your brain which will, in return, transfer signals to your adrenal tracts, that will let out oil-producing hormones, explains Jeanette Graf, a skin care specialist based in New York. She went on to say that the abundant oil will pass a message to the skin’s bacteria which will cause acne. Also, unhealthy food is bad for your skin, says Jeanette. Avoid too many fatty foods and sugar, which cause inflammation. Lucy and Jeanette also endorsed regular exercise. When you exercise, endorphins are released, and your stress hormones will reduce.

Finally, take a closer look at these factors as well; hair sprouts under your jaw or chest and if your menstruation is not stable, Dr. Zeichner says it could mean an anomaly in your hormones. So go see your doctor as soon as you can.

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