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Check Out The Beauty Benefits of Natural Oils

Why Try Natural Oils?

They are recommended as the best alternatives for moisturizing skin, conditioning hair, fighting acne prone skin, and strengthening nails. Visit your local your drugstore and you can find ample variety of products over there. Do they really work? You may need to give trail because everybody’s skin is quite different, and it can come down to trial and error.


Marula is manufactured from the fruit of the marula tree. It is native to South Africa, and the oil extracted is very rich and hydrating. It’s a rich source of fatty acids, which help soothe dry skin according to the dermatologists. It is quick in absorption and won’t leave you to feel shiny and greasy.

Tea Tree

Reddish inflamed breakouts occur when the bacteria gets trapped inside the pores of your skin. Research shows that tea tree oil helps reduce that bacteria. Even in a single trial, it has potentially beaten the placebo gel (which actually had no active ingredients) at calming and treating acne inflammation. And in another research, it was found that is as effective as benzoyl peroxide, an ingredient found in over-the-counter zit medicine.


Argan is also called “liquid gold,” it’s oil is rich in antioxidants known as polyphenols, which is effective in fighting the signs of aging. According to dermatologists, its omega-3 fatty acids boost collagen formation and that plumps up your skin. It hardly matters if your skin type is dry, oily, or a normal one.

Also, it’s a good conditioner for your hair, however, it does not weigh it down or make it feel sticky. While you are using this, you can still use your other hair care products.


Skin that is dry and cracked is more likely to get irritated, infected and have frequent allergic reactions. But coconut oil’s rich properties helps in protecting and moisturizing the skin. It soothes rough and scaly patches that are very common with the conditions like eczema.

Rosemary and Castor

Want to make your ponytail plumpy? Is your scalp visible more than it should? Then rosemary oil can help you get thicker and a shinier mane. In one study, people who received a 6-month treatment with this oil had worked similar to 2% minoxidil against androgenetic alopecia, a kind of hair loss common in men and women. Rosemary oil had the added bonus of not causing an itchy scalp.

Castor oil is another easily available home remedy that has potential to thicken your eyebrows and lashes. However before you give it a trial, ask your doctor if it’s safe or not, as it would go near your eyes. The jury’s still yet to decide as to find out if it really works.


Could you think of replacing your mouthwash with essential oil? Well, it’s trendy, but rinsing out and pulling, your mouth with oil, is an ancient remedy for keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Research also proves that it can help. Recent studies have found that swishing with sesame oil, coconut or sunflower oil can help in cutting plaque and gingivitis signs. It also washes away the microorganisms that are the reason for bad breath in your mouth.

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