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How Can You Bid Farewell To Dry Skin

We all face the problem of dry skin at some time or the other. This condition can occur because of a number of reasons. In most cases, it begins with the outermost layer of skin which contains about 10 to 30% of the moisture as the skin begins to shrink, crack, stretch, become flaky and appear dry.

In the normal course, the skin loses water because of evaporation but it also creates natural oils to seal the moisture within the body. The problem begins with frequent baths and harsh soaps that prove to be a hindrance for the production of natural oils. This problem aggravates itself with age when the production of natural oils reduces further and contributes to the dryness.

This is a natural process and can affect every single individual regardless of the kind of weather you could be living in. However, if you make an attempt to learn how you can beat the weather you can have healthy skin throughout the year. What can you do to bid farewell to dry skin?

Using A Moisturizer To Beat Dry Skin

Using a moisturizer seems like the obvious solution to deal with this condition but in most cases is a solution which is ignored because of our busy schedules. For some reason, most people are reluctant to spend a couple of minutes to moisturize and massage their skin without understanding it can do wonders. The habit of moisturizing can cure and prevent dry skin from developing. If you are already affected by the condition you should be choosing moisturizers that are suitable for your condition.

Eating Smart Is Also Beneficial For Dry Skin

Do not ever believe your skin only needs attention from the exterior because the food you eat also has an important role to play. You should be having vegetables and high-quality protein. You must also increase the intake of raw foods. Consuming yellow and orange vegetables that are rich in an antioxidant, which is known as Beta-carotene, will prove helpful when dealing with dry skin. Having carrots will also help you if you are prepared to believe you are not Bugs Bunny. As we are discussing the subject of eating, it would only be fair to advise you to avoid junk food and spicy deep-fried food.

Beating The Heat

Excessive exposure to the sun is a surefire way to invite the problem of dry skin. This does not mean you have to stay indoors all the time because this problem can easily be beaten. You just need to use a sunscreen and bear in mind that the rays of the sun are intense even during the winter. You should have the sunscreen handy and be prepared to reapply it on the skin every couple of hours. This will help you not just to be the sun but also the problem of dry skin. If you can, also wear a hat to protect your skin from the harsh sun rays.

Getting Enough Sleep

If you do not get enough sleep you are likely to be yawning when it’s least expected and the lack of sleep will also make your skin sensitive and prone to dryness. It is the latter stages of your sleep which allow the growth hormones that reproduce skin cells for stimulating the skin and make your skin healthier. Therefore if you have not been getting sufficient sleep you should be considering this option without fail.


An effective treatment to deal with dry skin is to rub off the dry skin cells in order to expose the youthful skin. You must, however, ensure that you use gentle methods to exfoliate the skin by using products specifically designed for dry skin. Any mistakes in this regard will only increase the dryness and leave you working harder to bring in improvements.

“Protect your good image from the eyes of negative viewers, who may look at your good appearance with an ugly fiendish eye, and ruin your positive qualities with their chemical infested tongues.”

― Michael Bassey Johnson

Now that you have a few tips to manage dry skin we are certain you will find them helpful enough to begin using them in an attempt to bid farewell to dry skin.

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