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5 Ways You’re Damaging Your Skin Complexion

A lot of people have been dreaming about a perfect and glowing skin. Having a fresh-looking skin gives you a boost with your confidence and might even give you an edge in your dating life. But for some who are unlucky, they still end up having a damaged skin no matter what skin products they use.

In case you’re one of these people, have you ever thought you might be using something wrong that’s giving you a step back in achieving you dream complexion? The truth is, there are many habits that can give you bad skin and we are here to warn you about them before it is too late.

Unhealthy Diet

A person’s diet plays a big role in how his/her skin will turn out. If you keep loading up on fast foods, pastries, chocolates, and sweets, then you are most likely going to face some acne problems. A lot of us don’t know this but the oilier the food we consume, the bigger the damage it is going to do to our skin.

Around 50 million people in America head to fast food chains each day

If you want better skin then make sure you load up on the vitamin-rich foods like fatty fish. Veggies and fruits will also boost the health of your skin and decrease the oil production on your face. Water should be your best friend because it doesn’t only contribute to a better health, but to a youthful, fresh-looking skin as well.

Excessive Alcohol

If you though your liver was the only thing getting affected every time you took a shot, well, think again. Since alcohol is a hepatotoxin, the damage it does to your liver will result in you having dehydrated skin. Too much alcohol will also cause your face and eyes to be bloated the following the day.

Almost 50% of the deaths due to liver mulfucntions are caused by alcohol

We are not saying you should quit drinking completely. Just learn how to take it in moderation and try to limit yourself to only a glass or two when you go out for a nightcap.

Smoking Cigarettes

We don’t think you get anything good out of smoking because it not only damages your health but also leaves your skin in a terrible condition… You can develop wrinkles, scars, and warts and it heightens your risk of being diagnosed with psoriasis and skin cancer. The oxygen in your skin is damaged by the carbon monoxide which is exposed from the cigarette smoke. Your blood flow is also disrupted by the nicotine and this will result in you having dry and discolored skin.

There’s only one way out of all of this—quit smoking.

Bacteria-filled Gadgets

Talking hours on the phone seems like such a sweet thing to do these days but since you place your phone in different places throughout the day, all the bacteria on your phone can irritate your skin. Same goes for your laptop or desktop, a number of people like putting their hands on their face as they type something.

A study claims that a toilet is 10x cleaner than a cellphone

You can purchase disinfectant wipes at your nearest convenience store in order for you to be able to clean your gadgets regularly. Washing your hands and face is also very important after you spend a long time on your gadgets.

Drinking Coffee

Yes, this might be a shocker but the drink that keeps us up and running every morning is actually bad for our skin. Your body dehydrates everytime you drink a cup of coffee and this results in the loss of moisture in your skin cells. This is why you can appear to have wrinkles or dry skin.

More than 80% of American adults drink coffee

Now, how on earth can someone quite something as good as coffee right? One girl already had her skin clear up after a coffee hiatus but we’re sure it was a tough process to go through. The best thing you can do is limit your coffee intake to 1-2 cups a day.

The Verdict

Our skin is very sensitive and reactive to whatever we decide to do during our everyday routine. Undertaking some adjustments and sacrifices can make a big difference in the improvement of our complexions.

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