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Undoing Plastic Surgery Is More Difficult than You Think

Kylie Jenner has finally lost it. And by it, we mean her lip fillers, much to the approval of her fans. She built an entire lipstick empire, based on her lips with her signature lip-kits, and even denied earlier that she had work done on her famous asset. However, she could not bluff her fans or critics and she finally bit the bullet and admitted to getting lip fillers. From her latest photos, you can see a marked difference in her appearance. The model and social media starlet got reversed her filler procedure after an Instagram follower allegedly told her that she looked nothing like her old photos. So she just went right ahead and got them removed from her lips. That’s a bold move considering her $420 million earning comes from her pout enhancing lipstick line.

Perhaps she’s signaling that natural is in again? Who knows! But her fans and followers seem to think that this is a major shift towards promoting natural beauty. And they haven’t spared any good words to appreciate how lovely she looks in her filler-less photos calling her ‘gorgeous’ and ‘stunning’. This couldn’t have come at a better time for Kylie as most people seem to be moving away from being ‘ultra-pumped’ look, which the voluptuous Kardashians are known for.

As per American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the total number of cosmetic procedures (surgical) has lowered by 6% since 2000. The biggest loser seemed to be buttock implants which went down by 56% in 2017 from 2016. And what do the cosmetic surgeons have to say about this prevailing trend? They reckon that the shift seems to indicate that the voluptuous trend is all bit fading with people preferring to look more athletic and leaner. Often, fillers and implants give the look that people have put on weight or appear to have aged more. Compared to that, slimmer, healthier and fitter trends are more popular. People want to look like they run triathlons and are super-fit, even if they really aren’t!

With cosmetic surgeons constantly getting more requests from their patients to make them look more ‘natural’, its clear that they are not hoping to look like the extremes, rather they want the results to look less altered from their original self. Various experts have weighed in on the removal and reversal of the trendiest curve inducing and enhancing cosmetic surgeries.

Here is the insider dish on the reversal and removal of the most popular curve-enhancing plastic surgeries.

Cheek and Lip fillers

Juvéderm and Restylane, which are the two most popular fillers are said to last between 3 months to 2 years. So it’s quite a long-term investment to make. But practitioners use hyaluronidase injections, which is an enzyme that works like an eraser, to get rid of the filler build up. Removing these fillers cost anywhere between $500 and $700. But removing them is a little dicey as the doctors can’t predict how well the filler will dissolve, and this might give rise to a little asymmetric features. So if you have had a lot of fillers injected and then removed, then you could end up with saggy skin and wrinkles. Other issues include allergic reactions to the dissolving enzyme. There are also some fillers, which cannot be removed and one must wait till it is dissolved in the body entirely.

Cheek implants

The implants used for cheeks are composed of medical grade silicone as it is felt that they are safer and have lowered instances of reacting with the body. The doctors can easily extract these implants by making a small incision. All this would cost you $6000 to $8000, but the biggest drawback is that the body does not like having empty spaces where the implant has been removed and cysts might develop in its place. The procedure is pretty simple, unless you develop an infection.

Breast implants

Brest Implants are meant to last only 10 to 15 years, and need to be replaced after the stipulated time. Some women prefer to have them removed altogether. Some do it for health reasons, as research has revealed a strong link between breast implants and anaplastic lymphoma. Its removal can set you back by $8,000 to $20,000, considering it’s harder to take the implant out than putting it in. Some patients claim that their breasts appeared uneven after the removal procedure, and they were forced to undergo other procedures to correct them.

Buttock implants

This procedure is a bit like breast implant removal, just a tad bit complex, as the patient is lying face down. The surgeon uses the same incision to extract the impact, which was used to initially put in the implant. You might have to pay upwards of $14,000 for the removal, but may experience some sagging or drooping in the area.

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