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The Positive And Negative Effects of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic surgery is increasingly popular among the present generation with many believing it is an invention to enhance the appearance of an individual. It is indeed the basic aim of this procedure which is conducted by altering parts of the body. However numerous people have disagreed with the procedure by mentioning it involves risks of serious conditions like cardiovascular diseases. What are the positive and negative effects of cosmetic surgery? Let us consider a few to ensure you arrive at a proper decision.

The Positive Effects Of Cosmetic Surgery

Cosmetic Surgery Provides People An Opportunity To Express Themselves

The European convention on human rights has mentioned we have the freedom to express ourselves and if we want to witness our body differently we have the right to change it. Unfortunately, the changes cannot be made by the individual and therefore the help of cosmetic surgery will need to be obtained. It is presently the only method available to change the appearance of the body provided that the individual is financially capable of bearing the costs of the changes he or she desires.

The Negative Effects Of Cosmetic Surgery

Despite numerous advantages being offered by cosmetic surgery it also has some negative effects and people who are considering this procedure are advised also to look at the negative side of cosmetic surgery. What are the negative effects of cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic Surgery Can Become Addictive

People who are looking to rectify a deformity may opt for cosmetic surgery as a one-time measure. However numerous celebrities have changed the definition of cosmetic surgery into an addiction and the best examples are Michael Jackson and Lolo Ferrari. Michael Jackson changed his appearance to look entirely different from what he originally was and Lolo Ferrari had numerous breast implants which ultimately proved harmful for her body. The behavior displayed by these celebrities makes one wonder whether they really had a need to change the appearance of their body or were suffering from a mental instability of some kind. Were these individuals simply flaunting their money or giving signs they were addicted to the problem of cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic Surgery Is A Moneymaking Opportunity For Plastic Surgeons

Despite the availability and the benefits provided by cosmetic surgery, especially for people who may have suffered severe injuries, cosmetic surgery is not an affordable option. Questions have been raised about plastic surgeons who are charging exorbitant sums of money for satisfying the requirements of their clients by making suggestions about the kind of changes that can be implemented.

The medical fraternity representing this discipline is just making attempts to give people a better appearance and not the health they deserve. While admitting these are specialized procedures which need to be handled by highly qualified professionals, the exorbitant costs which are associated are certainly not justified because they have become the exclusive domain of a few. Therefore, cosmetic surgery is a moneymaking opportunity for the professionals within this category.

Cosmetic surgery is likely to bring out contravening opinions from various individuals. While some may consider it as a benefit, others will discuss the negative aspects and even contend that the procedure does not help the population as a whole. It is just for people who have the money to spare on such matters without considering the positive and negative effects of cosmetic surgery.

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